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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Couple Of Average Joe's Daily Entertainment Round-up

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The daily round up list is short, mostly because I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Sony hack.

But first a word from the Geek Nation:

Star Wars Is Being Released On Blu-Ray
No - Not the special editions, not the prequel trilogies or a special-special-disney edition.  This is the penultimate collector's dream.  The ORIGINAL theatrical versions of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi are coming.  All over your face!

Sony Pulls The Interview - Completely
They're afraid of being bombed by bad spelling Koreans.

The First Of The Downfall For The Interview
The theaters that are not showing The Interview

The First Theater Chain To Pull The Interview
CarMike Theaters - what a dumb name.

Keeping It Reel -
Sony has completely pulled the plug on the movie The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.  If you haven't heard the premise of the story, it's basically this.  Rogen and Franco play a producer and talk show host for a TMZ style news show.  Everyone basically hates it because it's a vapid, shitty show until they receive a phone call that the leader of North Korea wants to do an interview with them.  The CIA intervenes and sets up a plan to assassinate Kim Jon-Un and hilarity ensues.  In the real world, Sony has spent tons of money marketing this movie that was to be released on Christmas day, until they started receiving, what amounts to death threats from hackers, telling the world, basically, that it will be like 9/11.

CarMike cinemas was the first to pull the movie, saying that they aren't going to take the chance that something bad could happen and then the dominoes started to fall, every movie theater chain, since yesterday has done the same thing and then Sony released a statement saying that the movie will not be released, the DVD won't be released and VOD won't be available for the movie either.  This amounts to cowardly action.  Are we really to believe that thousands or hundreds of thousands of loyal North Koreans are going to invade America's cinemas and destroy them?  The terrorist hackers have conveyed that they will do anything and everything they can to make sure that this movie doesn't see the light, but I can't believe that any of this is true.  It's just not possible, statistically to hit every cinema and it's unbelievable that a country would take a work of fiction as a threat.

Granted, even one movie theater experiencing such a horrific act of terrorism isn't acceptable, is it really in the realm of possibility that it would happen?

Regardless, I see this situation as the complete and utter downfall of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The interview doesn't get released, Rogen and Franco gather their lawyers and sue the company for royalties, lost work and breach of contract.  Sony knew what it was doing the moment that they greenlighted the movie.  They knew that they were using this movie to give them free advertising, to sell more products and in the end, they knew they were going to pull the plug.  What if the movie was never a thing anyways?  what if it was just a series of scenes they created just to cause controversy or to us as an excuse to walk away from making movies to being purely distributors, where the real money is anyways.  That's why they are back negotiating with Marvel for Spiderman distribution and basically doing a wholesale of their movie division.  Sony Pictures Animation will be gone, the movie studios will be gone and Sony Corporate will only have to deal with distribution for Europe and parts of Asia, as well as their Playstation division for entertainment.  It will take a bit of time, but i'm saying that Sony, as a movie making company is done.  They'll keep their money making properties like Jeopardy! and Wheel Of Fortune and a few other things that keeps the dough rolling in, but as far as feature films, look for another company or investor to come in and take over their properties and sign a long term distribution deal with Sony.  This was a long term plan that has backfired on them.

As I sit here and type this, there is a commercial on for The Interview, still opening, Christmas Day.

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