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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Podcast - Why Don't They - Alien Nation

It's our last show of 2014 -
We take a look at Alien Nation and do a what if podcast on the movie.  Breaking it down into 3 new and different movies to continue the story set back in the late 80's.
Alien Nation spawned a television series, but after that, there hasn't been anything on the horizon about a remake of the movie.
if you haven't seen Alien Nation, it's kind of like 48 Hours/buddy cop movie meets Independence Day or District 9.  A unique idea and a good movie to boot.  Why the studios haven't jumped on the bandwagon to expand this movie universe is beyond us.  It's worth it, if done right.

Joe and Mike sit and discuss the latest movie release and news of the week! Please join us.

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