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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Podcast - Why Don't They - Escape From Cleveland

When John Carpenter came out with Escape From New York, it was a cool twist on the prison escape movie.  Lone wolf gunslinger rolls into town, on a mission to find something or someone and get out alive.
Taking it almost post apocalyptic and setting it on Manhatton was a stroke of genius.  The characters were quirky, realistic and fun.  Plissken and his shady, mysterious past always cropped up and much like Boba Fett, you wanted to learn more about this character but the payoff was never there.  Which was excellent.  It left you wanting more.  Especially when he chimes in with asking Harry Dean Stanton's character about Fresno Bob.
In Escape From L.A. we got to know a bit more about Plissken and his trevails before New York.  It was really a throw away line when he's talking with Hershey (Pam Grier) about Cleveland and how they left him behind. These two items got Joe and I talking about an Escape From Cleveland movie - we knew the setting - 1992.  Five years before New York and 4 years after New York became the first prison colony.  We knew Snakes past.  Former military and was arrested for robbing a bank.  So we threw those bits and pieces together and came up with the idea that Plissken, Hershey and Fresno Bob were part of a mercenary unit sent in to Cleveland to rescue (again) the presidential candidate and his wife, at the same time they are to protect a train carrying important federal government documents. In reality it was carrying the gold reserve from Fort Knox.  But it all goes bad in typical Escape From New York fashion.
Plissken is betrayed by his "friends", we find out what happens to Fresno Bob and we meet a new character "The Dog Catcher"  and we get to see Plissken play football "Blood Bowl" style and finish off the movie series "Escape From..." with an epic 3rd movie.

Joe and Mike sit and discuss the latest movie release and news of the week! Please join us.

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