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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Podcast - Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice

Paul Thomas Anderson is near the top of the list when it comes to independent film directors. But as that kind of director, he can fall into that realm of eccentric freedom that plagues a lot of independent movies. Some of his films have been right on the money (Boogie Nights, The Master), some brilliant (There Will Be Blood), a mixed bag of humor and oddity (Punch Drunk Love), and a three hour symphony of tragic melancholy that feels like a hundred pound weight on your chest (Magnolia). The man is a very good director with his casting, visual style, and attention to detail but, when his films go in a direction that makes more sense to himself than to the audience, then the film fails as a whole.

Sad to say it but, Inherent Vice is just that type of film. A movie with all of the elements for greatness, only to be an in"co"herent waste of talent and of a hundred and fifty minutes. This movie doesn't know how to ground itself. Right from the get go, we (the audience) are shown the world through Joaquin Phoenix's (Walk the Line) Visine deficient eyes, and we have to go along for the ride whether we understand it or not. The sad part is, that so many things were done right. The costumes look great. The set designs and locations also look authentic to the era (1970's). The performances and sense of humor is very good as well. But if those things are shown from the perspective of a stoner hippie with early onset Alzheimer's, it all just falls into disappointment. The film goes from scene to gibberish laden scene without giving the audience a chance to register what has just been said. The large amount of characters also doesn't help the storytelling process. I guess my little brain couldn't process all of the information.

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