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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Podcast - A Question Of Why Don't They - Donald Pleasance & Howard The Duck

Donald Pleasance - The man was a work horse when he was alive.  227 movies, but he's most remembered for play Dr. Loomis in several Halloween movies (six to be exact).  But, who was Dr. Loomis?  In this weeks Question Of Why Don't They?  We discuss the possibility of a cool new TV or mini series about Dr. Loomis before Michael Myers came about. 

We also talk about a Howard The Duck movie, not a sequel to the movie, but an all new movie that we feel Marvel could take a risk with.  Whether it's a theatrical release, an on demand movie or Netflix release or even a mini-series.

What's your feeling on this topic?

Joe and Mike sit and discuss the latest movie release and news of the week! Please join us.

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