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Friday, March 20, 2015

Liam Neeson -Run All Night - Movie Review - Podcast

Run All Night is marketed as another Neeson action-fest but, in truth, it's more like......... ok, it is another Neeson action vehicle. At times, it doesn't feel that way, until of course, he ends up bitch smacking another aggressive on comer. What I like about this action film though, is that it doesn't come off as a brain dead beat 'em up where Neeson is the only intelligent person in the room. Instead, we get a well-paced action thriller that doesn't linger around on any subject for too long. Well, except for Joel Kinnaman's (Robocop 2014) character, who needs to continuously remind Neeson of how much of a bad father he is. That aside, all of the character interactions work. Not one person stays on the screen longer than they should. Another thing that separates Run All Night from similar films, is how nicely it cuts down on the obvious cliches and, sometimes avoids them altogether. The action, is well done and doesn't go over the top very often. A few CG scene connector shots, try to give this film it's own distinctive look but, it comes off more like trying to look cool when they didn't need to. 

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