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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Gunman Movie Podcast

The Gunman, is one of Penn's films where you can see the effort that he put into the role but, not in the proper areas. The effort that I'm referring to, is of his physical appearance and not his character's range instead. With Penn being a man in his fifties, I can appreciate him taking care of his body and not letting time & gravity win the battle. Of course, a multi-million dollar salary does make a rigorous workout schedule easier to bear. Penn spends most of this film as a quiet  mumbler that speaks only when spoken to. I find it kind of difficult to root for the film's hero when he act's more like a robot, and less like a human being. What I did root for, was the movie itself. For the first two acts, The Gunman is an intriguing action thriller, set in many different locations. There were times during the action scenes that I was actually feeling anxious for Penn's character. That's probably because he wasn't talking at those moments.
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