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Friday, April 3, 2015

A Couple Of Average Joe's - Get Hard - Movie Review Podcast

The first half is the worst half of Get Hard. Nearly every joke and situation is contrived, predictable, and worst of all, it's not hilarious. Sure it's funny at times but, shouldn't a Ferrell and Hart collaboration be hysterical? Though not any funnier, the second half is better. There's less pointless exposition and more character growth. Not much, but better than nothing. What I liked, was the appearance of rapper/actor T.I.. Although he was on the screen for a limited time, he seemed to be the only character besides Hart that was comfortable in his role. When the film deals with him and his crew, it's actually funny and a nice distraction from all of the other lackluster moments. I also like Hart's wife in the film, played by Edwina Findley (Insidious: Chapter 2). She seemed to be the most grounded of the characters and she wasn't trying to exaggerate herself. Alison Brie (The Five-Year Engagement) plays Ferrell's spoiled rich girl fiance and she does fine but, how many times can you see the same old hollow character? Craig T. Nelson (Coach) as her father in the film, is also poorly written and barely used for much affect.
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