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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Couple Of Average Joe's Mad Max Fury Road Podcast

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Mad Max Fury Road
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When a film suffers from multiple delays for almost two decades, the general outcome is that the finally finished product will fail in nearly every regard. With Miller's long awaited Mad Max: Fury Road, that outcome is the complete opposite. Now, I don't normally use profanity in my reviews but, Holy Shit! This movie is amazing! Fury Road seems to be what Miller had envisioned almost forty years ago with the original Mad Max but, was inhibited by an extremely low budget and the lack of effects technology at the time. Not. Any. More. This time, with nothing holding him back (after the pre-filming delays, of course), Miller has orchestrated a balls-out, post-apocalyptic, adventure, that's as insane as it is beautiful. This movie never lets up. Think of it as one long barbaric car chase through the desert, with a couple of short breaks to help you catch your breath and take a leak, before once again tearing ass up and down the barren wasteland some more. Most car chases in the last twenty years have become boring and predictable but, Miller perfectly blends his imaginative characters with some intense action. Everything looks gorgeous, and I do mean everything. Even disgusting characters look cool. There's even a large set-designed vehicle with a rock band on it that looks like a Marilyn Manson nightmare on wheels. From the first shot, this film looks like a concept artist's creations poured out onto the screen. Every detail from the costumes to the outrageous sets, is something to behold. It's almost distracting, it looks so good.

Oh yeah, there's some known actors in this too. One can almost forget that amongst all the chaos. Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) as the title character, is quiet and indifferent, similar to Mel Gibson's previous attempts as Max. He always has the right look on his face or the right remark to say. Charlize Theron (Monster), is on the screen just as much as Hardy and, she delivers a no-holds-barred performance that would make Linda Hamilton (The Terminator) proud. Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies), plays a member of the main villain's, War Boys, in a misguided but sympathetic way. His leader, Immortan Joe, played by original Mad Max villain actor, Hugh Keayes-Byrne, is as creepy in voice as he is in appearance. Altogether with a fun cast, the leads are as mysterious as the story itself. Like with the other Mad Maxes, there's little to no explanation for anyone or thing and, that's perfectly fine. It adds to the overall affect of the film. Throw in some high octane practical effects with an aggressive musical score and, you have a near complete viewing experience that makes the Fast and Furious franchise pale in comparison.

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