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Friday, May 29, 2015

A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast Movie Review - Poltergeist

Sorry to say it but, the long awaited remake, Poltergeist, is more ADD filmgoer friendly and, less of a clever modern day update of a classic. This film being twenty minutes shorter and less creative than the original, is just a couple of the many problems that this movie has. Instead of practical effects that worked, this film emphasizes on computer generated visuals that look like just as much. Even cracks appearing around the house are obviously CG as well and, don't get me started on the ghosts. When the poltergeists are finally revealed, I was about as impressed as I was with that dancing baby on Ally McBeal. There are plenty of little nods to the original in this. Some nods are from remarks, others are with certain objects and events that alternate from before. Now, I'm perfectly fine with changing some things around but, in this case, most of those changes come off as obvious and aren't really worth the time at all. Also, the cheap f/x get in the way of most of the spookiness. Compare the tree eating the kid from thirty years ago to this one's just shaking him around but with all the artificially colorful brightness that a computer processor can offer.
Sam Rockwell (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) as the father, is as good as he always is but, his character is no Craig T. Nelson from the original. That's the filmmaker's fault, not Sam's. His wife played by, Rosemarie DeWitt (The Watch), is also good and gets just as much screen time to deliver her character. Their kids are a mixed bag. The oldest daughter is realistic as a spoiled, attitudey, phone addicted, brat. Their young son is that quiet scaredy cat that no one wants to play with, nor care if that darn tree launches him into the next county. With the character's name of Carol Anne being changed to Madison, the youngest daughter and beacon of light for the reluctant to cross over, is portrayed kind of strangely this time around. This one playfully copies her family's accidental uses of profanity but, other than that, she plays a creepy little girl that seems more interesting when she's in the TV. The scientists that come to the house to help with the poltergeist, are all boring and have nothing worthwhile to do or say unlike they did.........in the original. You actually cared for everyone involved before but this time, not so much. The most disappointing character is played by Jared Harris (Fringe). His role properly represents this film; Too short of screen time, no depth, pointlessly alternated from the original, and no soul nor charisma to be had. Sure he 'cleans' the house but, it smells like a wet fart afterward.

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