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Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast - San Andreas Movie Review

This weeks show we discuss
Kung Fury and the 40 minute movie shown on El Rey Network
CVS Specialty Pharmacy is a problem
Netflix Pick Of The Week -
Scenic Route with Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler
San Andreas Movie Review
Earthquake 1975 movie trivia and the fact that San Andreas is actually the legitimate sequel to Earthquake based on a script found in 2005
Big Trouble In Little China remake with Dwayne The Rock Johnson 

For the first time in a long time, The Rock was in a movie and it wasn't better for him just being there. That's how lame the screenplay for San Andreas is. After a cool (but completely impossible) intro, The Rock is held back from the winning personality that we've all grown to love, because of him dealing with a dead daughter and a divorce simultaneously. The topping on the cake for his melancholy, is the approaching destruction of California because of a couple of tectonic plates that have a disagreement with each other. The audience is subjected to many a wasted moment of The Rock working things out with his wife played by Carla Gugino (Son in Law), while they travel in one vehicle after another to reach their living daughter, played by Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson). Daddario gets to run around San Francisco looking for higher ground while, escorting a couple of Brits that are involved just so that she has someone to talk to, until Mommy & Daddy show up at the last minute to save the day. The only worthwhile character at all (who's barely shown), is by Paul Giamatti (Sideways), as the scientist that warns everyone of impending doom but, gets ignored until all of the fatties around the place start jiggling more than usual. Throw in a bunch of predictability with a side of contrivance, and you have one dumb Summer blockbuster. But at least the visuals were cool. Snore.

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