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Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast - Jurassic World Review

Once you're through the b.s., a good movie starts to present itself. Chris Pratt (G.O.T.G.) is one of them. In such a short time, this once unknown actor (who's been around for over a decade) has proven that he can command a leading role. He's got that quiet ruggedness that harkens back to the old fashioned hero. Like the original, the costars each have their own personalities to keep things interesting. Bryce Dallas Howard (The Village), Vincent D'Onofrio (The Cell), and Jake Johnson (Let's Be Cops), are the most notable. Once Howard gets out of the control room, she gets to play the role of naive leader, like a pro. D'Onofrio makes character acting look so easy, as a semi-villain. Johnson is the film's other comedic relief guy, who's like a combination of the Nedry (Wayne Knight), Malcolm, and Arnold (Samuel L. Jackson), characters from part one. He also would have been more fun in a larger role instead of you know what.
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We also talked about the following in this podcast
Star Wars Battlefront
E3 started this week
why mike dislikes pico de gallo and guy fieri
why don't the makers of TP collude with food makers and share in the profits
netflix pick of the week
- Joe The Killer by John Woo with Chow Yun-Fat
Broken Arrow is a shitty version of Firefox- it sucked and Stealth (sucked too)
- Mike watch Zombeavers - but didn't watch the whole thing, so take Friday The 13th pt 2 and add zombie beavers. It was fun
- Mike watched The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness about Studio Ghibli's last days - highly recommended

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