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Friday, July 10, 2015

A Couple Of Average Joe's Podcast - Ted 2 Review, Netflix

This week we talk about Ted 2, Netflix Pic of the Week The Cobbler starring Adam Sandler, which is a basic take off of his other movie Click. This time it's about a man that finds a magic shoe machine and can step into the life of any person, with the usual gang of Sandlerites in tow.
Taken from Joe's Ted 2 movie review...
With the obvious exceptions of Sean Penn, super-serious gangbangers, and Janet Reno, it's no mystery that everybody likes to laugh. Some more than others to be sure but, we all enjoy a good giggle. What usually seems to get lost in the studio's catering to those expectations, is the comedic formula that once came naturally, but now feels forced. The odd thing about McFarlane's, Ted 2, is that the sense of humor is once again right on target yet, the film itself is dumbed down and feels forced...To read the rest of this review as well as our other reviews and to hear the podcast, you can go to our main site:
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