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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Rotten Tomatoes Prediction Index - RPI

In the past Joe and I used to do what's called POS or not, where we watch trailers and decide before the movie comes out if it is going to suck or we'll like it. We set it aside for the time being because it became boring, but we didn't want to let it go because it had potential.

So we're bringing it back, but we're going statistical with it, Armed with a battalion of scientists and chalkboards, we set to work on copying ESPN's QBR and NFL footballs growing list of useless stats, we broke down the movies based on 3 criteria:

The actor's that we think are pretty good.
The combined weight of Joe and Mike.
The amount of cigarettes we've ingested since we started this podcast.
Divide by .487 (not the criteria!) or was it multiply...

Either way, we're doing this.

Our RPI for the rest of November, except The Hunger Games because Joe cheated and went to Rotten Tomatoes before we started our predictions.

The Night Before - Joe 65 Mike 58
Legend - Joe 68 Mike 80
Creed - Joe 75 Mike 58
The Good Dinosaur - Joe 70 Mike 72
Victor Frankensten - Joe 25  Mike 48
Krampus - Joe 73 Mike 35

We are going to do this on a month to month basis and we'll figure out a better way to do the RPI, but for now, this is what we have.

Right now, Joe is leading the board with an accurate prediction for The Night Before which at the time of this writing is 65.

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