A Couple Of Average Joe's 2015 Year in Review

A Couple Of Average Joe's 2015 Year in Review
I swear this guy isn't me. I can't grow a mustache to save my life.


 Mike and I saw a lot of films in the theaters last year; Fifty-four to be exact. Well, one was on NetFlix as an exclusive release. Some were good, some were great, and many were just decent filler from one week to the next. Only a few were complete packages from their overall stories and writing, down to the littlest details that made all the difference.

There were, however, a handful of poor excuses of filmmaking, and a fair share of disappointments as well. Now, we didn't see every film that was released last year, so this list is based only on the ones we did. These are my favorites and most hated of 2015, with a couple of subcategories to add some flavor. You know me, I gotta mention more than just the basics.

It's like an OCD tangent thing that Mike always calls me out on during the podcast. Speaking of Mike; He has his own list too. I just wonder if he'll ever get around to posting it in between his bouts of public judgement tirades and itchy ball scratching. We shall see. Hope you enjoy.

I'm not posting my list, considering you're being mean...


When we first got into doing this podcast/movie review, we didn't know where this was going to go (or where it's going right now). Short reviews, super long podcasts, and bad recording equipment have turned into Joe's really good movie reviews and a podcast that is finding its way. The one really great thing to come out of all of this is being able to see all these movies, review them and then look back at our reviews and see how wrong or how right we were about them. Reflecting back on the movies, it occurs to me that we can (and should) be brutal on those movies that are bad and mediocre while praising those movies that are what we consider "great". Moving into the future, I would love to be able to start review more foreign and independent films (theaters not Netflix). With the way Hollywood is going, the small to medium budget movies like these are going to go away without any support. When that happens, we'll be stuck with the same old directors doing the same thing and who wants to see that? It's what they call parity in the sports world. I think that is what Hollywood wants anyways.

In the era of the Superhero film, our top picks were decidedly un"superhero" like. Our top films included Star Wars and Mad Max, but surprisingly, when it came to blockbuster movies, that was it. Even Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight wasn't in our top 5 (though it was top 10) because there were so many other films that were executed better. In our opinion. We hope that you've enjoyed reading (and listening) to our reviews and that this year will be even better.

The entire list of the films we saw, in the order of their viewings-

The Imitation Game                         Inherent Vice                  
American Sniper                              Mortdecai     

Into the Woods                                 Seventh Son
Kingsman: The Secret Service           
Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Jupiter Ascending                            Chappie
Run All Night                                   The Gunman

Get Hard                                          Furious 7
Focus                                               Child 44

Ex Machina                                      Avengers: Age of Ultron
The D Train                                     Mad Max: Fury Road

Poltergeist 2015                              San Andreas
Spy                                                   Jurassic World

Inside Out                                        Ted 2
Terminator Genisys                         Minions

Ant-Man                                           Pixels
Vacation                                          Mission:Impossible- Rouge Nation

Fantastic Four 2015                        The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
American Ultra                                Hitman: Agent 47

Straight Outta Compton                  Black Mass
Hotel Transylvania 2                       Sicario
The Martian                                     Attack On Titan Pt. 1 and 2

The Last Witch Hunter                    Spectre
Bridge of Spies                                The Night Before
The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse   

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Ridiculous 6
The Hateful Eight

Top 5        

Joe's Picks                                            
1. Mad Max: Fury Road                            
2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens     
3. Sicario                                       
4. Straight Outta Compton                       

Mike's Picks
1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
2. Mad Max: Fury Road
3. Sicario
4. Ex Machina
5. Imitation Game                                                                                                                                           

Honorable Mentions

The Imitation Game
American Sniper
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Ex Machina
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Bridge of Spies
The Hateful Eight

Worst 5                                                                                         

1. The Ridiculous 6                                    
2. Hitman: Agent 47                                      
3. Pixels                                               
4. The Last Witch Hunter                                                                              
5. San Andreas


Biggest Disappointments                                      

Inherent Vice
The Gunman
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Poltergeist 2015
Terminator Genisys
Attack on Titan Parts 1 and 2
The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2

These are our picks for best and worst movies of the year. Overall there were a lot of disappointments (Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Poltergeist, Terminator), but there were few really good surprises (Mad Max, Ex Machina). The worst movies of the year were, of course, expected, Ridiculous 6 and Pixels were bad, how they got released without a critical eye looking at them is beyond me.

I can only hope that this year will be better than last year. There are still a lot of superhero movies coming out but, what I'm hoping for is that the studios realize that they cannot continue churning out 100-200 million dollar movies that are mediocre at best and expect us to continue to pay for them. Something has to give in the long run and with all things being circular, I do think a return to lower budget, simple story telling, and well-produced movies will be something that we will be seeing here in the near future.

There it is. Do you agree or disagree with my picks? Let us know. I love debating why a movie sucks or excels. I hope 2016 has, even more, films to praise and berate. Just so you know, there were more than just five films that sucked. But those five were absolutely undefendable in every regard, and only one of them made me laugh at how bad it was. The others boiled down to being boring and painful to watch. And I promise I have zero intention of seeing another Adam Sandler film this year (or ever again). Why should we waste any more of each other's time? Happy New Year!

Rating- Awesome!!! Because I wrote it ;p