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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Piece of Shit Or Not - Ride Along 2

Ice Cube making that face, the "who farted" face.

Hooray! A PG-13 version of Bad Boys 2 with fewer laughs and none of its charisma. Kevin Hart will once again impersonate Chris Tucker from The Fifth Element, by screaming like a little girl at the smallest hint of danger. Ice Cube will scowl and make everyone around him cower in contrived obedience. Ken Jeong (The Hangover) will be funny, but only as funny as the script will allow.

Captains will berate, CG alligators will chomp, and the titles will come and go across the screen in a red energetic flash. Hart being flung by a ceiling fan and Cube using him as a human shield looks pretty funny. However, I've seen the first film and know that there's probably nothing more than what the trailers have to offer, which isn't much. Ride Along 2 is going to have the same overall enjoyability as with watching Hart's character's relationship with Tika Sumpter; Forced and lackluster. There goes another eleven bucks.

Joe's Prediction- A lame sequel to a lame movie that doesn't have any balls, is definitely going to be, a Piece Of Shit!

Mike -
Take 22 Jump St. and Bad Boys, but replace the actors with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart and the guy that isn't Stacy Keach but looks like him, throw in a plot to have a vacation in Miami and call it "making a film". Ride Along 2 is going to be as bad as the first one. We get to see Kevin Hart ham it up for the screen as if he were a Chris Tucker clone and Ice Cube gets to make the "who farted" face every 3 seconds or is it the "I really need to take a shit" face. Either way, we get that face.

It's too bad that these actors can't find a better movie to ply their craft because Hart and Cube are good at it. But not in this movie.
Beverly Hills Cops Bad Boys from 22 Jump St. shouldn't have been made and will be at the bottom of our 2016 list.
Yup, a piece of shit.

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