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Everybody Wants Some!

According to Richard Linklater, the film is a continuation of Boyhood (2014) in terms of beginning right where Boyhood ends with a guy showing up at college and meeting his new roommates and a girl.

The film is said to be a follow up to Linklater's previous films Dazed and Confused (1993) and Boyhood (2014), centring about the life of a college student meeting his new roommates and a girl.

The previous title (That's What I'm Talking About) was a dialogue line from Dazed and Confused (1993).

Part of the filming was done at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX and some scenes were shot in the downtown area.

This is the second movie that Glen Powell has starred in that Richard Linklater has directed. The first movie being 'Fast Food Nation (2006)'.

The movie title and the song played during the preview (Everybody Wants Some!!) is from the rock band Van Halen. It's off their 1980 album "Women and Children First"

Director trademark: Pinball

The credits list Bernie Tiede as the cat wrangler. Bernie Tiede is the real-life subject of a previous Richard Linklater movie called Bernie (2011). In that movie, Bernie kills someone and stores the body in a freezer. In this movie, the one cat that needed wrangling jumped out of the refrigerator when the door was opened.

Wigwam Server Kay Epperson's second film with Linklater; she previously appeared in "Bernie"

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Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)
R | 1h 57min | Comedy | 7 April 2016 (Russia)
In 1980, a group of college baseball players navigate their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood.

Director: Richard Linklater
Writer: Richard Linklater
Stars: Blake Jenner, Tyler Hoechlin, Ryan Guzman