London Has Fallen Movie Review


London Has Fallen Movie Review
Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler have miraculously survived  this helicopter crash unscathed. Unfortunately, everyone else did not fare so well in, London Has Fallen.


Gerard Butler is like the guy you can always root for in movies. The funny thing is, that (to me at least) his Scottish accent sometimes makes him sound drunk. So it's like I'm always cheering for the inebriated bad ass when he's onscreen. My personal favorites of his goes as follows: 300, P.S. I Love You (I was married once), RocknRolla, The Ugly Truth, Gamer, and Law Abiding Citizen.

He's done a few more films than that of course, but these performances are the ones that are most memorable. I don't know if he could pull it off, however I would have loved to have seen him play Snake Plissken in the Escape from New York remake (before in got canceled). What am I saying? He made loving Hilary Swank (P.S. I Love You) believable, he's kicked Dexter's (Michael C. Hall, Gamer) ass, he's hooked up with Jennifer Aniston (The Bounty Hunter) and he's saved the president twice.

London Has Fallen

To say that 2013's Olympus Has Fallen was a good movie, is a stretch that's meant to snap. But I'll tell you this; Its sequel London Has Fallen, is so poorly planned and executed, that it makes Olympus look like a first-rate training video for secret service recruits. If you can get past the absolutely ludicrous plot holes, contrivances, visual effects, dialogue, and wasted talent, you might just find yourself still asking for a refund.

I would love to see real-live politicians, leaders, and secret service agents, breaking down this film's total lack of safety protocols and planning for its characters. This film should be the highlight of their yearly Christmas parties. The plot is simple; Middle-Eastern bad guy's family is killed by U.S. military drones, he creates a fool-proof plan to exact revenge in only two years, he lures the president to London with the prime minister's yet-to-be investigated death, he assassinates every present world leader with the greatest of ease, and he turns London into a war zone. All goes to plan except for one little thing; Special agent Mike Banning! He's got a pregnant wife at home with a nursery to paint. He's coming home soon baby!

Gerard Butler is the only, and I mean only, saving grace for London Has Fallen. His character is so bad ass and un-PC, that he's bound to offend everyone with a touch of foreign and/or hippie blood in them. He's the kind of guy that stabs first, asks a question, stabs some more, asks louder, then creates human origami. He somehow fits in this film's world of absurdity. He's like a beacon of light shining over a sea of retards.

I wish that I could say the same about his costars, but that would be deceptive. The award winning/nominated talent that is wasted in this movie, is an absolute shame. Whether they're returning characters or new additions, every actor involved is either brought back only for continuity's sake , and/or given limited and laughable dialogue. I haven't seen this many good actors squandered since The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Morgan Freeman (Street Smart), Aaron Eckhart (Erin Brokovich), Melissa Leo (The Fighter), Angela Bassett (What's Love Got to Do with It), Jackie Earle Haley (Little Children), Robert Forster (Jackie Brown), and Radha Mitchell (Finding Neverland), are way too good for this and should be deloused before entering another film set. Isreali actor Alon Abutbul (Munich), fits well as the all-knowing terrorist leader Barkawi. But just don't tell me that a guy who knows that he's on the FBI's most wanted list, is stupid enough to have a party out in the open with his entire family all around him, and then be able to plan such a daring conspiracy afterwards. I guess he just bribed the right guy. Not hundreds of officers and officials, but just one guy who could make everything happen. Sure.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, of Laondon Has Fallen

The Good- At ninety-nine minutes of run time, this film's smart enough to not push for a hundred.

The Bad- Instead of misspending sixty million dollars on mostly unutilized acting talent, more of the budget should have went to the straight-to-video CG effects. Sometimes they are just that bad.

The Ugly- When the director of the original (Antoine Fuqua, Training Day) and a little known independent director read the script and say, "hell no", you know things are off to a bad start.

Final Thoughts

London Has Fallen is a stupid sequel, with stupid problems, that will leave you feeling stupid as well. I feel stupid just for having to write about it. There's a reason why they don't make action films like this anymore. I guess these guys still haven't got the memo.
Rating- 2.5 out of 10

London Has Fallen (2016)
R | 1h 39min | Action, Crime, Thriller | 4 March 2016 (USA)
In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.

Director: Babak Najafi
Writers: Creighton Rothenberger (screenplay), Katrin Benedikt (screenplay)
Stars: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman