Keanu Piece Of Shit Or Not?


Keanu Piece Of Shit Or Not?
I see a resemblance

Piece Of Shit Or Not - Keanu

Joe's Take-
Key & Peele's  cute cuddly kitty cat Keanu has been kidnapped by some creepy criminals! And they're gonna go as ghetto as possible to get him back. Peele needs his kitty to comfort him after his recent break up, so Key's going to help his buddy find Keanu by any means necessary. After leaving the sanctity of their whitebread neighborhood in their minivan, they journey to the hood and start their search. There's philosophical discussions about white wine spritzers and proper "nigga" etiquette at a shady bar, Boondock Saints style shootouts, and Will Forte (The Last Man on Earth) "G"ing it up in dookie braids. So let's turn up some George Michael (Father Figure, Freedom) and save some pussy!

My Prediction- Does this movie look stupid? Yes. Do the events depicted look outrageously unrealistic? Definitely. Will Keanu be a kick ass hysterical movie? Fuck yeah! Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele have a great dynamic and the trailers are funny as hell. So, Keanu will not be a Piece Of Kitty Litter. It will be the shit.

Mike's Take -
Key and Peele play average suburbanite domestic "guys" in this movie about them losing their cat to some gangsters. Key and Peele, not familiar with being tough guys, have to "act black" to get their kitty back. Weird, uncomfortable situations arise, Key and Peele realize that their suburban life is much better than being in the hood, but in the end, they miss the thug life and want the best of both worlds.
I got nothin.

This movie is as stupid as it sounds. Two suburban black guys lose their cat and they actually go after the damn thing only to be out thugged by the whitest guy in hollywood. I mean, Will Forte makes basement dwelling, pale hipsters look like a bunch of extras from Son's Of Anarchy.

That's what makes this film funny. Plus Key and Peel. You can't deny that they aren't one of the best comedy teams since that last comedy team that appeared on that comedy show once and then disbanded. Honestly, Key and Peele could be the next Martin and Lewis or Hope and Crosby or Jack and Coke. They are that good and this movie will probably suck, but hey, one more week until Captain 'Merica hits.

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Keanu (2016)
R | 1h 40min | ActionComedy | 29 April 2016 (USA)
When an L.A. drug kingpin's kitten unexpectedly enters the life of two cousins, they will have to go through gangs, hitmen and drug dealers who claim him in order to get him back.

Director: Peter Atencio
Writers: Jordan Peele, Alex Rubens
Stars: Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Tiffany Haddish