Let's Play - Astoblast


Joes Versus The Atari 2600 -

We play classic arcade games, relive our childhood years and see if they can still stand the test of time and on this weeks episode we get JuicyBubbaGun to play Astroblast, originally released as Astrosmash on the Intellivision,

Astrosmash is a video game for the Intellivision videogame console, designed by John Sohl, and released by Mattel Electronics in 1981. The game involves using a laser cannon to destroy falling meteors, bombs, and other targets.

M-Network, a Mattel company, released a lot of 2600 games which were often considered to be dumbed-down versions of Intellivision cartridges. Astroblast is simply Astrosmash ported from the Intellivision to the 2600, but an odd thing happened in the conversion process -- Astroblast is a lot more fun than it's counterpart on the Mattel console.