Invasion U.S.A Movie Review


Invasion U.S.A Movie Review
Chuck. Norris. He's not looking for a hug.

Invasion U.S.A - 2.5/10

Another Cannon Films production of a Chuck. Norris. Film. Invasion U.S.A is not just a film about terrorists, no, it's a film about communist Latin American guerillas led by a Russian bad guy who is not Rutger Hauer!  The Russian bad guy (Richard Lynch and not Rutger Hauer) starts off his campaign of terror on the Southeastern United States by stealing drugs for guns, gunning down a bunch of Cuban refugee's that are transporting coke and then blowing stuff up, because, why not. He's a goddam bad guy and that's what they do!

The whole story of Invasion U.S.A is really a "Russia Vs. America" cold war movie. Commies are bad and America is a wholesome, fun filled Disneyland like place, so don't mess with us! The plot of the story is the same old thing with Chuck Norris, retired (insert your favorite U.S. military or spy group here) in this case it's CIA agent who is asked to come back for one last mission, but refuses. The bad guy (Richard Lynch) knows this CIA guy and decides to blow up his house, just for good measure. Ya know, revenge stuff.

When that doesn't kill Chuck (and really, what can?), Norris decides to take his beard and karate kill his way through throngs of bad guys that have waged a war on the Southeastern United States. The idea behind this is pretty decent. A group of highly trained soldiers infiltrates the U.S. and through a series of bombings and by killing certain drug lords and pinning the blame on others, a massive chaotic riot takes place.

Each of the coordinated attacks happens during the Christmas season, to inflict massive casualties. Until Norris decides to put his foot down, Starting with taking out the bulk of these "terrorists" at a shopping mall and then by saving a school bus full of children, let's face it, children are our future. Norris realizes that he's just one man and the terrorists are just spread out too much for him to be everywhere at once. So he does the one thing noone expects. He tricks them.

While the attacks are happening, the U.S. Government sets up a military command headquarters in Atlanta, so they can coordinate with the units and be better prepared to fight the terrorists. Norris is taken prisoner and brought to the headquarters so that he can tell his side of the story. He tells them his plan, which is to put him on national TV so that Norris can goad the bad guy (Lynch) into coming after him. It will work because Lynch thinks Norris is dead.

Not Rutger Hauer sees the TV spot and gets really really mad. So, instead of continuing his brilliant attack strategy of hit and run, while spreading the opposing forces military thin and slowly taking over the South, he re-routes his forces to mass attack the command center because, revenge!

The trick works! No one is inside the command center, except Chuck, his beard, and his kung-fu grip. While Norris and Not-Rutger Hauer fight, a large battle is taking place outside, with the bad guy army versus the United States and we all know how that fight is going to go. But the real battle is Norris Vs. Lynch. Just like every 80s extreme action movie made, there is always a massive fist fight/knife fight/underground catwalk fight with steaming pipes and high voltage. Norris and Lynch battle each other to almost a stand still, until Norris gets tired of toying with the man and whips out his trust rocket launcher and, like a Fourth of July fire work, Not-Rutger Hauer explodes into a million points of light. Yay! The U.S. wins again!

Cool Fact - According to the documentary on Cannon Films, Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films, the scene where terrorists destroy homes in a suburb with rocket launchers featured explosions in actual houses. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport was going to bulldoze an entire suburban neighborhood to extend a runway, so the filmmakers were allowed to destroy the existing homes. Similarly, part of Avondale Mall was being rebuilt, so the filmmakers were allowed to destroy everything in the actual mall.

Invasion U.S.A. (1985)
R | 1h 47min | Action, Thriller | 27 September 1985 (USA)
A one-man army comes to the rescue of the United States when a spy attempts an invasion.
Director: Joseph Zito
Writers: James Bruner (screenplay), Chuck Norris (screenplay)
Stars: Chuck Norris, Richard Lynch, Melissa Prophet