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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Joe's Versus The Atari 2600 - Let's Play - Astroblast Part 2

We play classic arcade games, relive our childhood years and see if they can still stand the test of time. In part 2 of our game play, Joe tries his hand at Astrosmash/Astroblast.

Astrosmash is a video game for the Intellivision videogame console, designed by John Sohl, and released by Mattel Electronics in 1981. The game involves using a laser cannon to destroy falling meteors, bombs, and other targets.

M-Network, a Mattel company, released a lot of 2600 games which were often considered to be dumbed-down versions of Intellivision cartridges. Astroblast is simply Astrosmash ported from the Intellivision to the 2600, but an odd thing happened in the conversion process -- Astroblast is a lot more fun than it's counterpart on the Mattel console.

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