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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Piece Of Shit Or Not?- Independence Day: Resurgence

This is what's going to happen to our asses (and wallets) when we see this movie

Joe's Take- 
Twenty years after President Whitmore's (Bill Pullman, Spaceballs) often duplicated speech, humanity has rebuilt itself and has flourished off of the Invaders' technology. They've even put a base on the moon. When Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park) checks out a crashed alien ship in Africa (I think), he discovers that the ship's energy has come back on, which signals that the locusts are returning. President Whitmore returns to Area 51 to get some info from the aliens prisoners held there, and gets caught in the same predicament that Brent Spiner (The Master of Disguise) did in Part 1. But that's okay. Spiner somehow miraculously survived and will walk the Prez through his ordeal. Because Will Smith's (Suicide Squad) too good to return to the franchise that helped catapult him into stardom, the writer's decided to conveniently kill him off screen and replace him with his stepson from Vivica Fox (Kill Bill Volume 1) and Thor's brother (Liam Hemsworth, The Hunger Games). When the impossibly larger than the already ridiculous sized mother ship from Part 1 arrives, it spells certain doom for our b & c-list actors, maybe. Probably not. Another rousing speech, and a Windows 8 upload into the mother ship's mainframe, should save the day for at least another couple of decades, right?

My Prediction- This looks like a damn near exact copy of the first one, except that everyone's a lot older and a lot less relevant. And to be honest, the first one hasn't really stood the test of time. But I'll forgive this if some alien/human hybrid children of Randy Quaid (Brokeback Mountain) show up. Remember, when the aliens took him up in their spaceship, the aliens abused him, sexually. It's possible. Sounds like an idea for Part 3. Independence Day: Resurgence is going to be a Piece Of Shit, like every one-upping sequel in the later Fast & Furious films are.

Mike's Take -

It took 9 people to write this movie about Aliens attacking Earth - again. Multiple trailers have given away important plot points from the movie, the Studio has no confidence in the picture and Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich are the Zack Snyders of the 90's. They just keep creating crap and recycling it. Why? Why are we entertained by such monotonous bullshit? Are we that simple or am I expecting to much out of Hollywood?

Fuck. This. Movie. But, I'm putting on my hip waders (it's a rubber pant suit, not something that hipsters wear) and going into this movie fully expecting nothing. It's mindless entertainment and that's all.

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