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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Piece Of Shit Or Not?- Ghostbusters 2016

We could see the bullshit back then as well as today

Joe's Take-
Take the plot from 1984 and modernize it, make a gender swap of the four male leads and female receptionist, use some concept art rejections from Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, throw in some lame and awkward jokes, and you have the new Ghostbusters movie; A film that we've all been waiting for, but are disappointed to see the direction that it's going in. The trailers are either telling us that this is a huge blunder, or that they're holding back on how awesome that this could be. With the direction of Paul Feig (Bridesmaids), the comic skills of Melissa McCarthy (The Heat), Kristen Wiig (The Skeleton Twins), and Leslie Jones (SNL), and the star pull off Chris Hemsworth (Thor), this should be a knockout, right? Then why doesn't it feel that way?

My Prediction- With no indication of any connections to the original films, and what lackluster clips that we've seen so far, I see no other option than to call the new Ghostbusters a Piece Of Shit. I truly hope that I'm wrong. Please for the love of Gozer, prove me wrong!

Mike's Take -
Rebooting Ghostbusters is a monumental task. From the trailers, it looks like a monumental failure. Taking all the ideas from the original 1984 story and tossing them into the air and hoping for the best seems like the way this movie has been made. I like Paul Feig and his decision to use an all female cast and I've heard several interviews with him that make me want to see the movie, he sells it well and people like him. What this movie is not - It's not going to ruin your childhood and It's not an instant classic. What this movie is - This movie, based on the trailers, is probably a piece of shit, it's got Sony's hands all over it and they are a disaster of a movie company.
It's unfortunate, the original used the characters as every day "Average Joe's" that are thrown into a chaotic situation that they have to fix. This movie seems like it's all about stereotypes, bad jokes and Leslie Jones "ackin' cra-cray" and that's just unacceptable. The fans are yearning for a movie that gives us what the original was, fun, realistic, and exciting. One of the highlights of the film will be Kate McKinnon, watch for her, she'll be a big star.

P.S. - The picture used was from a cartoon called "The Ghost Busters" from the 1980's. What a lot of you probably don't realize (JOE), is that this was a TV series back in the 70's starring Larry Storch (Blazing Saddles, F-Troop), Forrest Tucker (F-Troop) and Bob Burns, two men and an ape that travel around, much like Scooby Doo, solving adventures and defeating ghosts. It ran for 15 episodes and was part of the inspiration for Dan Akroyd's script for the 1984 movie.

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