Jason Bourne Piece Of Shit Or Not?


Jason Bourne Piece Of Shit Or Not?
Can't Wait To See Matt Damon As Matt Damon
Joe's Take-
There're five things that let you know that this is a Bourne movie; Matt Damon (The Martian) having flashbacks, Matt Damon getting chased by government activated agents, Matt Damon getting helped by Julia Stiles (10 Things I Hate About You), Matt Damon looking through a scope, and some guy in a control room that looks at a monitor and says, "My God (or Jesus Christ!) that's Jason Bourne!". There is nothing besides a cool car chase and a one-hitter quitter fight between Damon and some six-pack having knuckle fodder, that we haven't seen before, and that's a good thing. The formula should stay similar to before. With the additions of Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina) and Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive), there's some good looking acting talent involved.

My Prediction- It took nearly nine years (since The Bourne Ultimatum 2007), a spin-off (The Bourne Legacy), a good script, and the return of director Paul Greengrass (United 93) before Damon agreed to return to his most popular role (and probably a hefty pay raise). If he thinks that Jason Bourne (Part 5) is a worthwhile venture, then maybe we should too. Jason Bourne will not be a Piece Of Shit, but if it does suck, we won't be as fortunate as the title character and get our memories erased.

Mike's Take
JESUS CHRIST IT'S JASON BOURNE! Every movie and every trailer for these movies always start off like that. They all know that he's out there, why is it so unbelievable that he would show up at some event where shooting, fires or danger is happening. He's a secret agent, man! Maybe, just maybe he's still trying to figure out his life?

This movie reminds me of Con-Air meets Rambo. Especially the fight scene in some outback, dirt field where Damon Pikey's some no-name, Brad Pitt style. A car chase where a SWAT type van is crashing through cars like it's the parting of the Red Sea and of course car chases, bringing Bourner "in" to debrief him of the situation and agents shooting at Bourne because they're bad guys and you can't have a story about secret agents without some conspiracy that they are out to get you.

I'm not saying it's a piece of shit, but I will say that it's going to be 'Meh'. Nothing great, just another action movie with no real story other than what's already been told.

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Jason Bourne (2016)
PG-13 | 2h 3min | ActionThriller | 29 July 2016 (USA)
The CIA's most dangerous former operative is drawn out of hiding to uncover more explosive truths about his past.

Director: Paul Greengrass
Writers: Paul Greengrass, Christopher Rouse
Stars: Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander