Weekend Entertainment Recap Part 2


Weekend Entertainment Recap Part 2
She reads the page, so should you!

Spiderman: Homecoming Has Added The Nice Guys Angourie Rice To The Cast
Could she be playing Gwen Stacy? or is this just another tease and she's playing someone like the Blackcat?

Blizzard Is Apparently Teasing A New Character For Overwatch
Straight from their Facebook page. If you like multiplayer action games, this is the game for you!

Fans Of Supernatural Rejoice!
Eric Kripke gives the run down on Season 12 and the possibility of more Supernatural beyond that.

Big Hero 7 Is In The Works
The sequel to Big Hero 6 is on the way and the report may have some heavy spoilers, read with caution.

Ghost In The Shell Is Getting "Americanized"
The producer comes to the rescue and tells us all what some PR person wrote for him. Yay. I have a full take on this, I'll post it under "Mike's Gripes" on Wednesday.

Deadpool News? Maybe...
We know they're working on it, it will come out, when it's done, but wait... there's more!