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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Weekend Entertainment Recap

Of course, he already knew about all of this, he was there.

The Big News Of The Weekend Comes From Star Wars Celebration
We're still waiting on that Rogue One trailer, guys! Get with it.
They have been giving us a constant stream of great stuff from Mark Hamill's one man show, more Clone Wars stories and the behind the scenes look at Rogue One. Rumor was, they even showed trailer number 2, but it hasn't been released to the public yet...

Doctor Who Fans? Matt Smith Could Be Returning
If you like Doctor Who and know the story, this could be an interesting turn of events. There were even rumors of this type of story from years ago.

Nintendo Files Patent For New Handheld Device
It's revolutionary, it's got a touchscreen and can play video games... You know, unlike an Android or Kindle or iPhone or iPad or those other tablets and touchscreen notebooks.

Dead Or Alive 5 Adds A New Character From King Of Fighters
Hot chicks in revealing clothing? You betcha.

Conan O'Brien Returning To Comic Con
nothing like a 6ft6 Ginger running around San Diego trying to be inconspicuous.

New Character For Blizzard's Overwatch Has Been Announced
Blizzard continues to amaze and impress with its graphics, tone and action. Overwatch is nothing short of amazing. The gameplay, the acting, all of it make for a fun and exciting experience.

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