Weekend Recap Part 2

Awkward News Guy Is Being Awkward

Kid Flash Costume Has Leaked From CW TV Show The Flash
DC comics is actually doing this show justice. From the heroes to the villains, it's funny and entertaining. If only they could do the same for Arrow. Also, bring back Constantine!

Kingsman The Golden Circle
Introducing the American version of the Kingsman called the Statesman. Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Vinnie Jones, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal and possibly Elton John. Quite the cast.

Pokemon Go is HUGE - Also Has Control Over Your Google Plus Account
The story was updated to let us know that they "corrected" the issue. Maybe. For those of you reading this, initially, when Pokemon GO was installed on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad), it had complete access to your Google Plus account if you signed up to play the game when you initially set up your account. If you signed up through the P:GO site, then there were no issues

Tarantino Is Still Going To Retire After 10 Films
Depending on whether or not he still has some ideas left in the tank. I would love to see Tarantino retire after 10 films and stick with his plan. I also would love to see him take on other genre films that were created by other filmmakers like Terminator, Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park.

Fargo Season 3 Is Shaping Up To Be A Monster
If you haven't seen the first two seasons or don't like Fargo, then there is no help for you. Ewan McGregor is playing twins, Carrie Coon (Ben Affleck's twin in Gone Girl) is joining the cast as the sheriff of the town and Noah Hawley is still running the show.

Images Of Jupiter From Nasa
Because science is cool. Come on, there's a giant picture of the eye of Jupiter surrounded by gaseous clouds and the Juno spacecraft is designed to fall into the atmosphere of Jupiter. I hope they have it set to take as many pictures while it's descending into the planet as it can before it breaks up.