The Magnificent Seven 2016 Piece Of Shit Or Not?


The Magnificent Seven 2016 Piece Of Shit Or Not?
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Joe's Take-
Denzel Washington (The Book of Eli) and Chris Pratt (Wanted) recruit five misfits to help them take down a ruthless murderer and his gang, for an uncommonly beautiful widow. The Seven are outnumbered, but good planning, tnt, and a bunch of sarcasm, will make all the difference. The music is upbeat, the main actors are unrealistically attractive (except for Vincent D'onofrio, Daredevil on Netflix), and Denzel still doesn't take shit from anybody.

My Prediction- Antione Fuqua (Training Day) is a good director and has style, but I have the feeling that this film will be too cool to be taken seriously. It also looks predictable from start to finish. The Magnificent Seven will not be a Piece Of Shit, but it better have more substance than what we've been shown.

Mike's Take -
I've never been disappointed by Antoine Fuqua and I don't think that I'll be disappointed with this either. I love westerns, there's something about them that's cool. The clothing, the horses, the basicness of the way of life that's shown on the big screen. I mean, hell, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, even Tarantino, and Leone, have been able to create these movies and somehow get us to believe what an interesting time it was to live in this rugged, God awful time. They've somehow romanticized the idea of the western being this wonderful, stylized, good vs. evil idea that makes us yearn for those simpler times, when freedom meant freedom and there was still the unknown.

Fuqua continues to make good choices when it comes to film, although not ALL of them were great, they were at least fun to watch.
Not A Piece Of Shit.

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The Magnificent Seven (2016)
PG-13 | 2h 12min | ActionAdventureWestern | 23 September 2016 (USA)
Seven gunmen in the old west gradually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves.

Director: Antoine Fuqua
Writers: Akira Kurosawa (based on the screenplay by), Shinobu Hashimoto (based on the screenplay by)
Stars: Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke