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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Piece Of Shit Or Not?- The Accountant

Thank goodness he's got a side job
Joe's Take-
Shown in the past as a child prodigy, and in the present as an adult with OCD, Ben Affleck's (Good Will Hunting) character struggles with social skills, but highlights as a methodical hit man disguised as an accountant. He meets Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) and forms a relationship with her, that gets tested when she discovers his secret. Also, two problems have arisen in the forms of a government agent (J.K. Simmons, Whiplash) and various hit men, determined to take him down. Hopefully Ben can find the time get all of that handled before tax season arrives.

My Prediction- This looks like a David Fincher movie (Gone Girl), even though it's not. The look, the acting, and the story itself, is very interesting. The only possible negative that I see with this film, is that Kendrick's character may be just a filler love interest for Affleck that takes away from the overall plot. The Accountant will not be a Piece Of Shit, but it better not end up being another Jason Bourne knock off either. His buddy Matt already screwed that franchise up enough recently (Jason Boring).

Mike's Take -
"He has more in common with Einstein and Mozart" than anybody else that's "normal". Really? How do we know what Mozart is like? It's been reported that Einstein, the genius that he was, was a sex hound and possibly liked to use mind expanding substances while working on his theories. Whatever, Ben Affleck plays a kid that is "special" and turns his deficiency into a strength. The movie seems, to me, to be another one of these action/crime drama's that likes to take the issues of the day, like the drug cartels, the russian mobs, or the war in Iraq and make the hero some sexy know-it-all that beats the system. I can't take Joe's final words on this, because, dammit, it's funny, but it's true.  It' won't be a Piece of Shit, but it's probably not going to get me a tingly in the dingly.

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