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Thursday, April 20, 2017


Cinescape Presents: 

Cool Movie Locations

Ceti Alpha V 

Khan Noonien Singh: Captain! Captain. Save your strength, Captain. These people had sworn to live and die at my command two hundred years before you were born! Do you mean he [refers to Chekov] never told you the tale? To amuse your Captain, no? Never told you how the Enterprise picked up the Botany Bay, lost in space from the year 1996 with myself and the ship's company in cryogenic freeze?
Capt. Terrell: I've never even met Admiral Kirk!
Khan: 'Admiral?' 'Admiral!' 'Admiral'... Never told you how Admiral Kirk sent 70 of us into exile in this barren sandheap, with only the contents of these cargo bays to sustain us.
Chekov: [furious] You lie! On Ceti Alpha V there was life! A fair chance --
Khan: [shouts] THIS IS CETI ALPHA V!!! [walks back to Chekov and calms voice] Ceti Alpha VI exploded six months after we were left here. The shock shifted the orbit of this planet, and everything was laid waste. Admiral Kirk never bothered to check on our progress! It was only the fact of my genetically-engineered intellect that allowed us to survive. On Earth . . . (grins wistfully). . . two hundred years ago . . . (sighs nostalgically). . . I was a prince . . . with power over millions.
Chekov: [angrily] Captain Kirk was your host. You repaid his hospitality by trying to steal his ship and murder him!!

Space Seed

During the original Star Trek series, the Starship Enterprise comes across what seems to be a derelict ship, the SS Botany Bay. A ship that had escaped earth in the mid 1990's after what was referred to as the Eugenics War. Genetically superior "superhuman" people, had tried to conquer the Earth and in 1996, the last of the Khans - Noonien Singh. Upon capture, the genetically superior men were condemned to die as war criminals. Khan and 84 of his followers had escaped death by fleeing the planet in an early "sleeper ship" the SS Botany Bay.

Woken from his sleep, by Kirk and his crew, Khan attempted to start an all new revolution, by taking over the Enterprise, Kirk and Spock attempt to subdue the invaders by flooding the enterprise with anesthetic gas, but Khan is able to escape. Kirk ends up defeating Khan and once again, Khan and his remaining followers are brought up on charges and during the hearing to decide on the fate of Khan, Kirk exiles the crew to Ceti Alpha V, a harsh world that Kirk feels would be a perfect fit for Khan and his people. With that, they are sent to the surface of the planet with whatever supplies they had on their disabled ship and left to their means.

The Wrath of Khan

The crew of the USS Reliant are sent on a mission to find a desolate planet that would be a good candidate for a new project called Genesis. The Genesis Device is a techonolgical advancement in terraforming planets, designed to reorganize a planets matter to create habitable worlds for colonization. When Chekov and Terrell land on the planet, they come across and abandoned ship, which Chekov recognizes as the SS Botany Bay. Believing they were on Ceti Alpha VI, they mistakenly have landed on Ceti Alpha V.

When Khan was exiled to Ceti Alpha V, it was a lush planet in the Ceti Alpha system. Six months after Khan and his followers had arrived, an experiment aboard Starbase 47, had triggered a planetary
event on Ceti Alpha VI, causing the planet to be utterly destroyed and pushing Ceti Alpha V out of orbit, turning it into a barren, sandy wasteland, where Khan and his followers survived for 15 years.

Prior to the explosion, had a varied ecosystem with no large predatory animals. The northern continents were dominated by forests which varied from tropical to temperate. The largest of the continents had a vast prairie landscape, where "Ceti Bison" roamed and became the main food source for Khan and his followers. Following the destruction of Ceti Alpha VI, the only native animal to survive the destruction was the "Ceti Eel", a parasite that could wrap itself around the cerebral cortex of the host, making them susceptible to suggestion.

When Khan captured Chekov and Terrell, he used the eel on the Starfleet crew members to escape from the wasteland, to exact his revenge on Kirk and the Enterprise and we all know how that ended.

Khan: To the last I grapple with thee. From hell's heart I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee.

It's unfortunate that there isn't more information on Ceti Alpha V. There are "alternate timeline" versions of the planet, where the writers, succumbing to the "because it was in the movie, we have to add it in to the novel as a wink and nod to the audience", have based events around the planet. However, there is no real information on a lot of the ecology of the world, if it had any native peoples or anything else other than a bit about forests, the Ceti Bison and Ceti Eel and how it came to be a barren wasteland.

What is great about the setting, is the fact that all of this IS unknown. A brief look in the movie, when we first meet Khan and the simple explanation of "THIS IS CETI ALPHA V", is enough to warrant a bigger look at this important planet in the history of the Star Trek movies.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (original title)
PG | 1h 53min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | 4 June 1982 (USA)

With the assistance of the Enterprise crew, Admiral Kirk must stop an old nemesis, Khan Noonien Singh, from using the life-generating Genesis Device as the ultimate weapon.
Director: Nicholas Meyer
Writers: Gene Roddenberry (television series Star Trek), Harve Bennett (story) | 
Stars: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley |

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