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Wednesday, April 12, 2017




Linnea Quigley

Do you remember the magazine Femme Fatales? It appeared in 1992 on magazine shelves, dedicated to movie and television actresses. Mostly scream queens, show casing their... assets, more than anything else. This, is an homage to that magazine, where we focus on Hollywood's Queens Of Scream.

The first, and possibly the most popular of the B-movie scream queens is Linnea Quigley. Blonde, beautiful, and with a glint of mischief always in her eyes, Linnea's first acting role was in the Charles Band produced Fairy Tales, a sex comedy that follows the Prince of the land who is searching for the one woman that can "do it" for him. Shortly after that, she landed a bigger role in Graduation Day a slasher film produced by Troma.

The plot of the film seems to be taken from straight from Prom Night, with a slight change. A masked person starts to murder a high school track team, after an accident, which ends up killing a member of the team occurred during a track meet. In the movie, Linnea played Dolores, a mean girl that gets to seduce one of her teachers and then meets her end at the hands of the killer, where he gets to cut off her head. In her next movie Silent Night, Deadly Night, she gets impaled on deer antlers after the killer breaks in on her and her guy having sex.

Her biggest role and the one that gained her "scream queen" status, was Return Of The Living Dead, playing the role of "Trash", a teenage punk turned into zombie horde leader. Partially written by John Russo (who created the Return of the Living Dead with George Romero) as more of a slapstick comedy/horror movie. The plot revolves around a man who works at a medical supply warehouse, who is showing a new employee military drums that accidentally wound up in the basement of the company. The drums contain the remains of a military experiment gone wrong that inspired the film Night of the Living Dead. It's also the first movie to depict zombies interested in eating brains, instead of flesh.

In the movie, Linnea Quigley, who plays Trash, gets eaten by zombies, which is her worst fear come to life. During the movie, Trash rises from the dead to lead a horde of zombies to attack all the good guys. While the zombie horde is destroying everything and killing people, a nuke is released within the city, killing everyone and everything within 20 square blocks.

Linnea's popularity grew, with the rise of VHS home entertainment, more and more cheaply made movies were becoming available to a wider audience and that meant more roles for Linnea. Creepozoids, Nightmare Sisters, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama and others. Including Night of the Demons. Even though she was comfortable with her roles being a B-movie Scream Queen, she wanted more and decided to take a new direction with her career and starred in the first two Vice Academy comedy movies. It appeared that she was getting tired of being type cast as a victim.

Apart from doing horror and B-movies, Linnea also started auditioning for bands, playing guitar in the band Mad Whistle, followed by starting her own band The Skirts with her friend Haydee Pomar. The practiced in the basement of The Masque, a punk rock club, with some of their music appearing in several of Linnea's movies. Their song Santa Monica Blvd. Boy was released on the 1983 compilation The Sound of Hollywood Girls, by Mystic Records.

Linnea also jumped on the personal workout bandwagon, starring in the 1990 film Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout. A cheesy, funny take on the "Jane Fonda" style workouts that were sweeping the nation during that period of time.

Even thought Linnea was tired of being typecast in horror movies, that didn't stop her from working in the genre and trying different roles. She appeared in  The Guyver with Mark Hamill, along side Soleil Moon Frye and Amy Dolenz in Pumpkinhead II, and the remake of Night of the Demons.

What's great, is that Linnea is still working, having eight different projects in production at this point. It's actually nice to see, for a change, that an actress of her caliber is continually working. Still being type cast, but she seems to relish the fact that that is what she is famous for and that is what allows her to be employed and it looks like she is having a lot of fun with her Scream Queen title.

Go buy her music on iTunes or wherever you buy music from, these days.

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