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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wal-Marts New Mantra - "Who Cares About The Employees Welfare"

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CAN'T or WE DON'T CARE ABOUT OUR EMPLOYEES - It should be Wal-Mart's new mantra. They should replace all their company service marks with "We can't do it" and "Employee concerns? We don't care."

A couple of days ago, I posted a Dear Wal-Mart letter, because I was heated. Some low life, piece of garbage broke into my car and stole some items out of it. Now, the items are paltry. Honestly, they're easily replaceable, for someone that can afford them. I work for a Wal-Mart. I make about $45.00 per day. You read that right, forty-five dollars per day. I don't get full time. But, they graciously give me about 21 hours per week. So, to replace the items, I would have to give up about a weeks worth of pay. No big deal.

So, you can read the letter I posted there on my FB page. Yay for me, I made a statement and Wal-Mart has turned a blind eye to it. Of course they would, who am I?

After I blew up in the middle of Wal-Mart about my concerns for safety, I got the shoulder shrug and the look of "oh well, welcome to Wal-Mart!" as if that's going to make everything better. I took my complaint to our stores loss prevention manager. They don't care. It's been pushed off onto other "problems" within the company. File a police report, let them take care of it, when Wal-Mart's yearly survey comes out, take the survey and let them know how you feel! - That's my favorite right there. "Take. The. Yearly. Wal-Mart. Survey." Because that's effective in fixing the problem that exists now. Oh, and when is the yearly survey? Every April. It's July. So, yah, I'll just wait eight months or so to really give it to Wal-Mart with their annual survey, where they don't read them anyways. Unless it's to give praise to employees or to deal with concerns of the store (excluding theft, safety, employees personal belongings being stolen - have I beaten that dead horse enough?, health care, raises or anything that really matters). By concerns of the store, I mean "so how can we make the store better to make more money"

Here's how I feel.
You. Don't. Care.
You didn't care when an employee's car got stolen out of the parking lot. You don't care when employees get physically and verbally assaulted and threatened. You don't care that there are these human pieces of garbage junkie thieves that continually come into our store and steal stuff, go into the bathrooms to do shoot up, or bleed all over the place when they cut themselves, while opening packages that they stole. Going into the backrooms and rifling threw the merchandise. Leaving diapers on the ground, because it's convenient. Throwing their trash in the parking lot because they don't want to put it in the trash cans (this last one, I watched as a family of four, in their 60,000 dollar SUV just dumped all of their old moving boxes out into the parking lot and then driving off.), drug paraphernalia littering the lot, employees bikes being stolen from right in front of the store, breaking our wheelchairs and mart carts, as well as other disgusting things that are escaping me at the moment.

You don't care about your employees being threatened, mentally abused or robbed. Your whole attitude behind it is "oh well".

So, let's talk about the employee who's car was stolen.
If they couldn't make it in? Too bad, that's an incident. 9 incidents and they get fired. Not Wal-Mart's problem, it's the employee that has to find a way to get to work, when they're scheduled. So, too bad.

The stress and paranoia gets to you? Too bad, deal with it on your break or lunch. That is what they are for. Having a mental breakdown? Tough. Don't bother taking it to your supervisor or department manager. All they will do is make you feel guilty because you're having a problem. Because it's YOUR PROBLEM and you're just wasting their time in dealing with it.

The employee that had their car stolen? Went right to the department manager and the department manager made the employee feel guilty for their car getting stolen. Then basically told the employee to "suck it up and stop crying." What kind of attitude is that? If we're having problems and we don't have Protected Time Off, too bad. That's an incident (half or full, it doesn't matter). Have to go to the hospital? Better have that PTO built up. Because THEY DON'T CARE or their favorite go to - "Oh Well".

That's how they treat us if we have problems "oh well" and we have accepted that. We have accepted that it's OK to be treated like we're the problems. Accepted that we're easily replaceable and that we just need to shut up and just do our jobs. Don't question anything, just accept what we tell you and that's that.

BTW, if I were a customer and if this happened, instead of it being an employee, Wal-Mart would be pissing all over themselves to make it right. I'm nothing more than a peon that can be used and discarded when they are through with me. Do what's right Wal-Mart. Do what's right.

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