Dirty Grandpa Movie Review


Dirty Grandpa Movie Review
That's Zack Ephron and yes, he has a bee codpiece in, Dirty Grandpa


Raunchy comedies are not for everybody. From a horny Jason Biggs humping an apple pie (American Pie), to Steve Carell screaming obscenities during a hot wax job (The 40-Year-Old Virgin), some people laugh hysterically, while others scoff at such immaturity. That's where in lies the problem; Films like that take us back to our desperations and wishful-thinking of our young lives, which some of us are afraid to acknowledge for fear of judgment.

Any person with one iota of sexual interest understands that films can go to the extreme for some laughs. And yes, even if you post menopausal or in the midst of a midlife crisis (this Porsche solves all my problems), it's ok to laugh at sex. Get over yourselves and enjoy some raunch. Except for those National Lampoon's movies, those mostly suck.

Dirty Grandpa

Critics nowadays like the safe bet when it comes to movies. Indie flicks and art-house dramas are always at the top of their lists, while comedies (especially sex comedies) are usually universally panned. Did these people forget that they were young once and had beating hearts? Apparently not.

Dirty Grandpa is a perfect example of how many prudes review films in this country. Nearly every single one of them have called this one of the worst films of Robert De Niro's career. Haven't they seen The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle? This movie is a hilarious sex comedy that had me laughing throughout its hundred minutes run time. How often do we get to see De Niro (Taxi Driver) throwing out sexual insults on a constant basis? Oh, I just remembered; Political correctness still runs rampant through the media hypocrites who make gay and racist jokes behind closed doors, but feign righteousness in public.

Sometimes a joke is just a joke. What is so refreshing about Dirty Grandpa, is that it doesn't tiptoe around the viewer's sensitivities. It goes for the jugular. The story is very simple and very predictable. I knew how every major plot point was going to turn out way before they happened. There's also more than a few plot conveniences that push the story along as well. However, I can forgive all of that because I was laughing so hard.

If De Niro isn't making multiple wordplays about Zac Efron's (Neighbors) cock-blocking skills, or masturbating to interracial porn, then he's using plenty of colorful metaphors to describe what he's going to do to Aubrey Plaza's (Funny People) horny college student. He gives a no holds barred performance that would make Billy Bob Thornton (Bad Santa) proud.

Efron plays the straight man for most of the film as inhibited and safe. That is until those few moments where his walls come down and he wakes up the next morning in jail wearing only a thong while being caressed by a big bad inmate. His inevitable relationship with Zoey Deutch (Vampire Academy), is cute, yet it's also not as believable as it could have been. Just because you have a couple of conversations with someone, doesn't mean that they're your soul mate.

Luckily that's where most of Dirty Grandpa's sentimentality ends. There's a little between De Niro and Efron, but it's quick and effective. There's not much time to linger between moments of hilarity. What's even funnier, is that situations and characters that are out of place, somehow still seem to work for the most part. Characters like Jason Mantzoukas' (The League), throws a wrench into the film's flow, but it's a wrench that still makes you laugh. Even Dermot Mulroney's (Young Guns) underwritten character is funny because he has penises (plural) on his face that are moving while he's talking.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, of  Dirty Grandpa

The Good- The flex contest, golf course etiquette, crack smoke douche pen, the bee codpiece beach incident, unofficial jail uniforms, and Danny Glover's (Lethal Weapon) cross stitching skills.
The Bad- The truth reveal scene; Uncomfortably bad writing and anticlimactic. The ending; funny but unrealistic and kinda stupid.
The Ugly- I'm still stuck on how nobody (critics) found this funny. Dafuq?!

Final Thoughts

Dirty Grandpa is nowhere near a great movie, but it's goddamn hilarious and it shows that some filmmakers still have the balls to go against the grain when it comes to uncensored humor. Director Bill Mazer (Borat) should make more films like this. Because not all of us have to shy away from what makes us laugh, just because it makes some stiff asses uncomfortable. If you're not easily offended and your testicles have descended, go and see this movie for some side-splitting raunch. Besides, it's Bobby D approved. When has he ever picked a loser? (Little Fockers) Don't answer that.
Rating- 6 out of 10

Dirty Grandpa (2016)
R | 1h 42min | Comedy| January 2016
Right before his wedding, an uptight guy is tricked into driving his grandfather, a lecherous former Army Lieutenant Colonel, to Florida for Spring Break.

Director: Dan Mazer
Writer: John Phillips (Screenplay)
Stars: Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Zoey Deutch