Money Monster Piece Of Shit Or Not?


Money Monster Piece Of Shit Or Not?
Sorry, wrong movie.
Joe's Take-
George Clooney (Three Kings) plays the showboating host of a stock market show. When a disgruntled working man takes Clooney hostage on live TV, death threats are made and questions must be answered. While a bomb-vested Clooney stalls for time, Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman) uncovers a money scheming conspiracy while watching from the control booth. The big players involved, want the cops to kill this guy before the truth comes out. Clooney conveniently grows a conscience and tries to help his captor. The trailers give away the fact that Clooney lives, but will his new friend eat a bullet before true justice can be served?

My Prediction- Money Monster looks like a near blatant rip off of 1998's The Negotiator, with Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction) and Kevin Spacey (Se7en). There also looks to be a lot of contrivances and last second saves that will propel this story forward. The bad guys win more often than not, but this film isn't real life. That said, Clooney is so good that he can make dog shit look interesting , and Roberts always brings her best. Money Monster will not be a Piece Of Shit, however, it better have more heft to it than what little we've been shown.

Mike's Take -
George Clooney plays a caricature of Jim Cramer from the financial show "Mad Money". If you haven't heard or seen him, Cramer is a guy that gets "wacky wild" on TV while telling people to buy or sell stocks as he's either breaking things with bats, yelling at the camera or being "funny" with his graphics and sound effects. Taking this idea a step further, what if the Mad Money guy is taken hostage because some crazy man with a gun and a bomb vest decides to take his financial frustrations out on a TV talk show host, because of the financial crash that has left him destitute and a broken man.

This movie is meh. It's a contrived piece of work that in real life would have ended with either the guy taking out the "Money Monster" host and then eating a bullet or being killed. The whole "deadman's" switch is old and dealing with the Wall St. financial disaster thing is an ongoing situation that doesn't need to be rehashed, because it never changes, no one does anything about it and no one cares, apparently. Thanks a lot, Obama.

Money Monster is a middle of the pack movie that is here to tide us over until the real summer blockbusters hit.

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Money Monster (2016)
R | 1h 38min | CrimeDramaThriller | 13 May 2016 (USA)
Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes them and their crew as hostage.

Director: Jodie Foster
Writers: Jamie Linden (screenplay), Alan DiFiore (screenplay)
Stars: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O'Connell