The BFG Piece Of Shit Or Not?


The BFG Piece Of Shit Or Not?
Sorry, wrong BFG
Joe's Take-
A little girl in an orphanage gets kidnapped in the middle of the night by a creepy old man that's a giant. Once they get to Giant Land, his gentle nature presents itself and the two become friends. She nicknames him, "The Big Friendly Giant" (The BFG). He tells her that he captures dreams, but not in an evil way. They get tormented by a group of rugged giants that are more than twice his size. On the run, they get into miscellaneous adventures that go mostly unexplained.

My Prediction- Based off of my having zero knowledge of Roald Dahl's  (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) book from 1982 and that the trailers give away hardly anything, it's tough for me to get a good bead on this thing. But what I do know, is that Steven Spielberg (The Adventures of Tintin) is directing it and Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies) plays THE BFG. That tells me that this will at least by decent, and probably much better than that giant (see what I did there) snorefest from 2013 called Jack the Giant Slayer. Hopefully it has enough style to keep me interested, and that the kid coddling antics will be held to a minimum. The BFG will not be one big Piece Of Shit, but Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park) may say otherwise.

Mike's Take -
Another Roald Dahl book made into a movie, this time, Steven Spielberg is at the helm of the story, stepping away from the Cold War drama's or the "based on a true story" movies that he's done in the past few years and taking us on a mystical, magical journey, that we've all been waiting for. This is Spielbergs "getting back to basics" story and he couldn't have picked a better writer about the weird and fantastic than Roald Dahl. Orphans, Giants and the fantastic all rolled into one two hour movie.

Each year, when we look at the calendar of movie releases, we get hyped when we see Spielbergs name attached to something coming out. There's nothing he directs, in my opinion, at least, that isn't short of amazing.
Not a piece of shit.

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The BFG (2016)
PG | 1h 57min | AdventureFamilyFantasy | 1 July 2016 (USA)
An orphan little girl befriends a benevolent giant who takes her to Giant Country, where they attempt to stop the man-eating giants that are invading the human world.

Director: Steven Spielberg
Writers: Melissa Mathison (screenplay), Roald Dahl (book)
Stars: Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Penelope Wilton