Atari 2600 - Alien Video Game Review


Atari 2600 - Alien Video Game Review

Alien - 20th Century Fox 3/10

It seemed that the easiest way to create video games in the Eighties, was to copy what was already popular and put a spin on it. Unique spin? No, not really. In terms of the video game we're talking about here, Alien, by 20th Century Fox, they decided to make a game out of the fantastic horror/Sci-Fi movie that was directed by Ridley Scott. Instead of making the game compelling, by following the story of the Nostromo and its crew, we're given a simplistic, unoriginal video game that was pushed out to capitalize on the Atari 2600 console (and intellivision, as well as the others) famel.

The object of the game is to pick up the eggs, shown as Pac-Man style dots on the screen, while avoiding the Alien(s) and if you get in a jam, you can pick up the "power" stars to kill the Alien(s).  Once you clear the Pac-Man maze style level, you are brought to a second level where the player has to take the astronaut and move from the lower part of the screen to the upper part of the screen, while avoiding all the moving objects. Basically they mixed Frogger with Pac-Man.

Alien isn't exciting, nor is it much fun. The gun or flamethrower the character has doesn't seem to work most of the time, other than to annoy the Alien(s) and shoo them away. There were other games made for the Atari 2600 that were a lot more fun than this. 20th Century Fox is a company that seemed to be one step behind everyone in the video game/technology world. Their primary focus is Television and Movies, so that's a bit understandable, but when you're creating a game based on one of the most popular movies made, wouldn't it make sense to create something that doesn't suck, or worse, is just a Pac-Man clone with a Frogger chaser?

If you're looking to fill your classic library, avoid this, unless, as a collector you are going for a complete collection. There are better games out there and better Pac-Man clones available.