Weekend Entertainment Recap Part 1


Weekend Entertainment Recap Part 1
In honor of the original movie coming out this week...

Blizzard Is Suing Bossland GmBH 
The company created a hack for Overwatch and all the whiners are coming out of the woodwork, telling people to stop buying Blizzard games because they are money grubbing thieves. Guess what, you're a cheater, shut up.

A Star Wars Rogue One Trailer On July 15?
Comicbook.com is reporting that a new Star Wars: Rogue One trailer is on its way next week when Disney Celebrations takes place.

Daisy Ridley On Instagram
What happens when you swap faces with a bearded man-child? This...

Rian Johnson On Instagram
Rian likes posting odd pictures of the set from Star Wars VIII

Stephen King's The Dark Tower Is Filming
It seems that the movie isn't following the books, but forging their own story, continuing Roland's adventure.

Star Trek Beyond Is Creating Waves Before Its Release
George Takei isn't really hip to the idea of Sulu being gay, but the series is defining the second tier characters like never before.

Does Ghostbusters Suck? Not According To Patton Oswalt
No spoilers here, it's just a news article that talks about the "haters" of the trailer and how it's been handled in the movie.

Tomb Raider Reboot Set For 2018 Release
Starring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.