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Spider-Man 2 Movie Trivia

Peter Parker is beset with troubles in his failing personal life as he battles a brilliant scientist named Doctor Otto Octavius.

sam raimi Spider-Man 2 movie trivia

Peter Parker battles a brilliant scientist named Doctor Otto Octavius.
10.  Mr Ditkovich's line "If promises were crackers my daughter would be fat" was originally "If promises were crackers I'd be fat."

9.  The phone number on Peter's helmet for Joe's Pizzeria is to a real NY Pizza place. 212-366-1182.

8.  The noise we hear whenever the spider web touches something (walls, Doctor Octopus, etc.) was made by hitting tape from a cassette and leather strips on the floor.

7.  Sam Raimi Trademark: [car] Raimi's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 car, nicknamed The Classic, sits in Aunt May's driveway.

6.  Motorcycle chains and piano wires make the sounds of Doc Ock's tentacles. In the scene when he tears open a bank vault, the sound is made by scraping a hubcap across the floor.

5.  Tobey Maguire is a vegetarian, so for the scene in which he is supposedly eating a hot dog while police cars zoom by, he is in fact eating a Tofu Hot dog, which is a favorite among vegetarians.

4.  The original title for this second spin was "The Amazing Spider-Man", a title eventually used when the series was rebooted in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012).

3.  The man who stops Peter from entering Mary Jane's play (Bruce Campbell) was also the wrestling announcer in Spiderman (2002).

2.  The moped Peter Parker rides throughout the movie is a Puch Newport. During driving scenes it has an aftermarket exhaust; while parked its exhaust is stock.

1.  The production was unusually lucky for such a big movie filming on numerous outdoor locations in that it never rained. ___________________________________________________________________________________


The hospital scene started out as a test shoot, but it came together so well they decided to use it. Sam Raimi made it clear on the Director's Commentary that it was the arms attacking the doctors, and not Doc Octopus himself, although he wasn't sure if he made that clear in the scene.

Tobey Maguire's agent asked for $25 million or 10% of the gross, whichever was better, from Columbia Pictures and was denied.

Tobey Maguire's participation was in doubt at one point because he was suffering severe back pains. Jake Gyllenhaal, was lined up to play Spider-Man and had already begun preparation, but Maguire decided to take part after all. However, according to the DVD commentary, the "My back!" joke after Peter falls from the roof was purely coincidental, as it was written into the script before Maguire's problem arose.

The plot of the movie, involving Peter Parker quitting crime-fighting, is largely inspired by The Amazing Spider-Man #50, "Spider-Man No More". The shot of Peter dumping his Spider-Man costume in an alley trash can is identical to a famous panel from that issue. As in the film, the outfit is found and brought to J Jonah Jameson, then reclaimed by Spider-Man who leaves a note like the one in the movie.

Danny Elfman, who did the film score (for this and several other films by Sam Raimi) had some sort of falling out with the director during the course of this film, and has been quoted saying "To see such a profound negative change in a human being was almost enough to make me feel like I didn't want to make films anymore." However, Raimi and Elfman reunited 9 years later for Oz the Great and Powerful (2013).

When Jonah Jameson offers the scruffy man $50 for the Spider-Man costume he found, he replies, "I could get more for it on eBay." In 2001, four Spider-Man costumes were stolen from the set of the first Spider-Man (2002) movie. They were eventually recovered after an 18 month investigation and the arrest of a former movie studio security guard and an accomplice. While Columbia Pictures offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to their return, movie memorabilia experts estimated the value of the costumes as about $50,000 each.

Alfred Molina was in the play "Fiddler on the Roof" as Tevye while shooting this movie. In one wall-climbing scene he is humming the song "If I Were a Rich Man" to himself and the puppeteers overheard him and moved his tentacles in time to the song.

Similarities to Superman II (1980): *Lex Luthor, who Superman defeated in the previous film, returns to make an alliance with the new villain, General Zod. Harry Osborn; son of the Green Goblin who Spider-Man defeated in the previous film, makes an alliance with Doctor Octopus. *Superman gives up his powers so he can pursue a relationship with Lois Lane. Peter Parker gives up being Spider-Man to pursue a relationship with Mary Jane. He later loses his powers. *Clark Kent has to get his powers back to fight General Zod and save Lois Lane. Peter Parker has to get his back to fight Octavius and save Mary Jane. *Lois Lane discovers Superman's secret identity. Mary Jane discovers Spider-Man's secret identity. Peter Parker and Clark Kent also both work for major newspapers.

Doc Ock's upper tentacles were each made up of 76 individual pieces.

According to the novelization:
MJ's understudy is playing her part now, and better too MJ suspects. She imagines she'll get replaced, which came to pass in Spider-Man 3 (2007).

Harry uses a knife to kill Spider-Man, because it isn't traceable like a gun. It belonged to his father. When he unmasks Spider-Man, Harry wondered if Doctor Octopus was trying to fool him by bringing Peter instead. He also hopes that if Doc Ock succeeds with his experiment, the tritium explosion will destroy the half of the city that he's in.

Mary-Jane is shocked Harry would want to kill Spider-Man.

Doc Ock bound Spider-Man with wire from the train yard. When he brings him to Harry Osborn's, he cracked open the safe himself.

In the novelization, Doc Ock blamed Spidey for Rosie's death.

Doc Ock doesn't throw any passengers at Spider-Man during the fight on top of the train.

When Spider-Man shows up at Doctor Octavius' failed experiment, Harry assumes he's the reason why it failed.

Doc Ock thinks he's helping Aunt May by giving her a quick death, rather than a slow one of old age.

The arms speak to Doctor Octopus. They even regard him as a father, something omitted from the film. The closest it ever gets to that in the movie is when Doc Ock says he hears voices inside his head. They also say things like Spidey interfered in his experiment because he was jealous of Otto's success.

Uncle Ben appears to Peter frequently, rather than a single dream sequence in the movie.

The name of the usher played by Bruce Campbell is Waldo. His scene with Peter was originally longer - Peter would web Waldo's foot to the floor, and go in to see MJ's play just as it was coming to an end.

When Doc Ock tries to rob the bank and Peter abandons Aunt May, she assumes that the reason he runs away is to call the police, rather than out of cowardice.

Thelift scene initially had Spider-Man sharing it with a whole crowd of people, and not just one person. When Peter tells the man he made the suit himself, the novelization tells us he got it from the brother of The Flying Dutchman, the rival wrestler of Bone-Saw, who Peter fought in the first film. He offered his services after Peter beat up Bone-Saw.

The police couldn't confirm Uncle Ben's murderer because there were no eyewitnesses. Peter couldn't come forward because of his involvement.

In the opening scene, when Peter is late for his pizza delivery job because of a disturbance, we learn that the disturbance came from a man on a construction site nearly crushed by a falling girder.

Mary-Jane met John Jameson at Enriques, the diner MJ worked at in the first film. A trucker pinched her bottom and she dumped a plate of spaghetti in his lap. When Enrique demanded she apologise, she was thinking of caving in when John stepped in. His car battery had died, and he was waiting for a tow-truck. He pretended to be an FBI agent causing Enrique to back down, and MJ quit her job. They started seeing each other not long after.

Mary-Jane's parents have split up since the first film. Apparently Mr. Watson has changed slightly since the divorce.

MJ's line "You can't get off if you never got on" sounded suggestive in her mind.

When Peter goes to see a doctor, it's at the university's student health services department. His name is Dr Wally Davis, and he's more emotional in the book. He even sees a therapist.

Instead of stealing the money to fund his experiment, Doctor Octopus broke into classified government installations for what he needed. They couldn't risk exposure so they couldn't argue. The tentacles also tapped into an illegal power hookup.

Peter muses that all the women in his life wind up dangling from a ledge sometime. E.g. Aunt May taken hostage by Doc Ock, Mary-Jane during the Green Goblin's attack on Times Square. It also bothers Peter that he always photographs MJ with other men. In the case of John more so, because he hasn't done half of the heroic things Peter has done, and he's still celebrated as a hero. While Spider-Man is demonized by the press.

Although Jameson is ecstatic that Spider-Man has given up, in the novelization he's secretly not that happy about it, because Spider-Man sells more editions of the Daily Bugle than any other celebrity, and now that he's gone, sales figures for the Bugle have gone into a tailspin.

When Peter goes to get his suit back, he was secretly listening to Jameson's eulogy before he took it. Apparently, Jameson had it dry-cleaned so it felt better than ever.

Apparently when Peter was a young boy, he distrusted his Aunt May after his mother died. But in the reconciliation scene, he begins to wonder if May knows his secret. In that same scene, because he moves a desk with ease, that's what prompts him to try and jump the gap between two buildings, thinking his powers have returned. He doesn't fall on a car though.

Aunt May begins to blame herself for Uncle Ben's death in the film, but in the novelization, Peter wonders is it because Ben is haunting her as well, especially now he's given up Spider-Man. When he confesses his part in Uncle Ben's death, May tells him to leave instead of just getting up and going to her room in silence as she does in the film.

What kills Doctor Octopus is when he drowns his experiment, it super-heats the water, broiling him alive. He also goes blind by staring into the eye of the ball of energy without his protective goggles. The tentacles claimed to be afraid that the end had come for them.

Spider-Man 2 (2004)
PG-13 | 2h 7min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | 30 June 2004 (USA)

Peter Parker is beset with troubles in his failing personal life as he battles a brilliant scientist named Doctor Otto Octavius.
Director: Sam Raimi
Writers: Stan Lee (comic book), Steve Ditko (comic book)
Stars: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Alfred Molina 

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