Lady Bird - Piece Of Shit Or Not?

Lady Bird- Piece Of Shit Or Not?
That's not what I was looking for when I typed "long, white, and phallic" into the search bar

Our predictions for Lady Bird based solely off of the trailers (kinda, sorta)

Joe's Take- A free-spirited girl in high school has to deal with all of the pressures of her surroundings; Catholic school drama, college prep, horny boys, an exodus from the west coast, and a stubborn mother who gives her back as much attitude as she gives. Through many of her "coming-of-age" dilemmas, the Northern California city of Sacramento is prominently shown  in multiple shots as more than just background to the self-proclaimed "Lady Bird", as she figures stuff out. Luckily her doting father and quirky comebacks may be enough to help her get out of her teens alive.

My Prediction- A very good cast, beautiful location filming, awards buzz, a realistic sense of humor, and a damn near perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes (except for uninspired ass wipe who probably hates his own mother and kittens), makes this the Juno of the decade. Did you like Juno? Well, I did, so piss off! Lady Bird ain't droppin no Piece Of Shit. Go Sactown! (even if I'm technically living seven miles away, and not actually in there)

Mike's Take -
I don't really know what to make of "Lady Bird", it has Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne, Big Bang Theory) who plays a mom that just wants the best for her kid. It looks interesting, it's filmed in Sacramento and it's out of my comfort zone when it comes to movies (I'm an action/adventure blow shit up type of guy). As far as how it looks, this movie looks like normal life, after watching the trailer, the colors are a little washed out, the actors don't wear outfits that make them stand out from the backgrounds or background actors. It's almost like guerilla filmmaking, where Greta Gerwig just decided to take a camera, some actors and go film a movie without any pretense of making it look splashy and larger than life.

It looks fun and I'm into it, just to see how well they filmed Sacramento. It's not going to be a piece of shit.