Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Book Cover Art Inspiration

This selection of work showcases book cover art created by the talented concept artists and illustrators featured on Concept Art World. These books range from a variety of genres including fantasy, science fiction and horror. Have you created art for a book and would like to get featured? Be sure to follow and message us on Twitter or Instagram.

Total War: Warhammer Game Guide by Wiki Guide, Cover Art by Slawomir Maniak


The Book of Dust(German) by Phillip Pullman, Cover Art by Bruno Gentile


The Call of Cthulhu(French) by H.P. Lovecraft, Cover Art by François Baranger


La Reine de la Folie(French) by Sébastien Thréhout, Cover Art by Pierre Droal


The Golden Rose: Book Two of the War of the Rose by Kathleen Bryan, Cover Art by Donato Giancola


Archmage: Homecoming Book I by R.A. Salvatore, Cover Art by Aleksi Briclot


Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell by Brandon Sanderson, Cover Art by Miranda Meeks


Dune by Frank Herbert, Cover Art by Sam Weber


The Warren by Brian Evenson, Cover Art by Victor Mosquera


Les Abîmes d’Autremer, l’Intégrale(French) by Danielle Martinigol, Cover Art by Jessica Rossier


The Blackest Heart (The Five Warrior Angels) by Brian Lee Durfee, Cover Art by Richard Anderson


Stardust (Rebel Stars Book 5) by Edward W. Robertson, Cover Art by Juhani Jokinen


Hardcore(Combat-K) by Andy Remic, Cover Art by Marek Okon


Call of Cthulhu RPG Keeper Rulebook: Horror Roleplaying in the Worlds of H.p. Lovecraft, Cover Art by Sam Lamont

Ascend Online by Luke Chmilenko, Cover Art by Yongjae Choi


The Kissing Booth Girl and Other Stories by A.C. Wise, Cover Art by Reiko Murakami


Champions of Aetaltis by Several Authors, Cover Art by Mitchell Malloy


HALO: Hunters in the Dark by Peter David, Cover Art by Kory Lynn Hubbell


Ronin: Skirmish Wargames in the Age of the Samurai (Osprey Wargames) by Craig Woodfield, Cover Art by Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña


Le Royaume de Tobin(French) by Lynn Flewelling, Cover Art by Gary Jamroz


Mission Mars(French) by Philippe Nessmann, Cover Art by Ronan Le Fur


Leviathan (The Antediluvian Legacy, Book 1) by R. M. Huffman, Cover Art by Lucas Graciano


Dangerous Women(French) by Gardner R. Dozois and George R. R. Marti, Cover Art by Simon Goinard


Starfire: A Red Peace by Spencer Ellsworth, Cover Art by Sparth


Sword Sisters: A Red Reaper by Tara Cardinal, Cover Art by Arman Akopian


Special Metal: A Tale of the Bloo Cluster by Mark T. Skarstedt, Cover Art by Geoffroy Thoorens


Dune by Frank Herbert, Cover Art by Henrik Sahlström


The Martyr’s Tears (The Chronicles of the Martyr Book 2) by Joel Gavin Manners, Cover Art by Bayard Wu


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