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A Quiet Place- Piece Of Shit Or Not?


a quite place movie review
Noisy but Deadly

Joe's Take- After a worldwide epidemic of otherworldly invaders wipes out most of humanity, a husband, his pregnant wife, and their children, take refuge in a house in the woods. The problem is that the wood creaks and sound seems to be what attracts these creatures above any other of the senses. The family takes many precautions to keep the decibels down including using sign language, sand laden paths, a lighting warning system, and a shitload of crochet. Not even the insects are safe. But what if somebody farts, or has the unintentional sneeze fit? And shouldn't Mr. Breadwinner be packing a lot of prophylactics so that his poor wife and unborn child don't get torn apart during the birthing process? I mean opening his zipper has got to be noisy too, right?

My Prediction- Take "Don't Breathe", "It
Comes at Night", and throw in some aliens that we haven't seen this conveniently inhibited since "After Earth". The premise is promising, even if the trailers reveal so little that some major questions and plot holes come to mind. Regardless, good word of mouth and my continuing crush on Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow) makes me believe that A Quiet Place will not be a Piece Of Shit.

Mike's Take - I would totally do a Mel Brooks Silent Movie gag here, but we've already done that on a previous podcast. As it is, A Quite Place looks interesting, some sort of monster has "arrived" on planet earth and everyone has to be quiet lest they wake the beast. Attracted by loud sounds, the "monsters" will kill anything that threatens it's peaceful serenity. How did they get here? what are they? Do we care?

It seems to be an interesting movie in that there doesn't seem to be a lot of talking or action. They did a good job with not giving away the plot or the look of the "monsters" in any of the trailers and the reviews are coming in strong. But, is it a good movie? It won't be a piece of shit, but, in this day and age, it could be a huge monster movie trope with a predictable ending.

a quite place movie poster

A Quiet Place (2018)
PG-13 | 1h 30min | DramaHorrorSci-Fi | 6 April 2018 (USA)
A family is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.

Director: John Krasinski
Writers: Bryan Woods (screenplay by), Scott Beck (screenplay by)
Stars: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds

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