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Totally Useless Movie Trivia - Rampage


Rampage Movie Trivia

Rampage Totally Useless Movie Trivia

10.  The military considers using a MOAB (the largest non-nuclear bomb in the US arsenal), but they couldn't have because on April 14th, 2017, President Donald Trump used the last MOAB in the US arsenal on a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan.

9.  No computer generated animals/monsters were harmed during the making of this film.

8.  Will Yun Lee also starred in True Blood with Joe Manganiello.

7.  There is a scene where Dwayne Johnson's character says, "Even assholes deserve a second chance."

6.  At one moment, a giant gorilla makes a crude, sexual hand sign as a joke.

5.  The name "Jesus" is used in vain multiple times.

4.  ***SPOILER ALERT!!!*** A man is shot through the stomach. He appears to be wounded seriously, but this isn't the case and he resumes the action shortly, seemingly unaffected by the bullet. ***END OF SPOILER ALERT!!!***

3.  Joe Manganiello hunts a giant wolf. In the HBO series True Blood, Manganiello played a werewolf.

2.  Rampage is presented in color.

1.  Based on a 1986 arcade videogame.


The mutated rat, seen towards the beginning of the film, is likely meant to be Larry from the Atari Lynx version of the 'Rampage (1986)' video-game. The character was a special inclusion who only appeared in this version of the game.

Both George, the gorilla, and Ralph, the wolf, share their names with their video-game counter-part. The crocodile, who is called Lizzie in the game series, never has its name mentioned.

An original cabinet of the Rampage arcade game can be seen in Claire Wyden's office.

In the games, Lizzie was a human like George and Ralph used to be. She mutated into a giant lizard through experiments from Scumlabs. However, in this adaptation, Lizzie was always a normal crocodile until she mutated into a large beast.

The vehicle that Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) drives in the film is a 2004 Ford Bronco concept vehicle that never went into production and was never released to the public.

The monsters in the 'Rampage' video-game series, on which this film is loosely based, were mutated humans (who transformed into giant animals); here, they are mutated animals. The genetic engineering simply causes them to grow in size, have an increased aggression and adopt some genetic features from other species (such as some regenerative abilities).

George the gorilla, here presented as an Albino, has never had white fur in any of the video-game incarnations of the character, always being presented with brown fur instead. Interestingly, Ralph the wolf has been presented with white fur in some of his video-game iterations.

This will be Brad Peyton and Dwayne Johnson's 3rd film together. Previously they worked together in San Andreas (2015) and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012).

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Malin Ackerman previously starred together in Watchmen (2009).

Both Dwayne Johnson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were in a Star Trek series. Johnson was The Champion in Star Trek: Voyager (1995) and Morgan was Xindi-Reptilian in Star Trek: Enterprise (2001).

Both Dwayne Johnson and P.J. Byrne starred in a movie entitled "Snitch." P. J.'s movie came out in 2011 and Dwayne's movie came out in 2013.

Fourth film to feature Dwayne Johnson and Matt Gerald. Both also appeared together in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Faster, and San Andreas.

Rampage (2018)
PG-13 | 1h 47min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | 13 April 2018 (USA)

When three different animals become infected with a dangerous pathogen, a primatologist and a geneticist team up to stop them from destroying Chicago.
Director: Brad Peyton
Writers: Ryan Engle (screenplay by), Carlton Cuse (screenplay by)
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman

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