Friday, March 1, 2019

Cocktails With Heather - Hot Bukkake Party

On todays show We learn about the bukkake fetish, then we talk about Asian "kids" who are spending more time having virtual sex than actual sex and it's causing a decline in baby making, finally, we read from the book of the lubricated aunt.

cocktails with heather hot bukkake party dating advice

Our drink of the day Dirty Irish Bukkake
1 oz Coffee Liquer
3 Oz Cola 1 Oz Irish Cream
1 Oz Rye/Whiskey

Cocktails With Heather is a dating and relationship show, that goes beyond the normal, talking about fetishes, divorce, dating in the 21st century and drinking, lots and lots of drinking. Join us as a couple of average joe's, a girl and a cocktail bar get real about relationships.

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