Thursday, April 11, 2019

Cocktails with Heather - Sexy Pajamarama Party

Sexy pajama's, school girl uniforms, Asian girl fetishes and drinking, all this and more on Cocktails with Heather.

cocktails with heather sexy party podcast

Live from the Donald Trump School of Pole Dancing and Academy of Science Building, it's Cocktails With Heather On this episode We dress for success and then shame Mike with his choice of clothing as he wears pajama pants every chance he gets, we talk about Asians and school girl fetishes. Pour Decisions - We review Chateaux le Paws merlot We read from the book of the lubricated aunt plus our drink of the day The Japanese Mule Fill a glass (or copper mug) 3/4 full of ice Add Sake (infused or pure) Top with Ginger beer and a mint sprig (optional) for garnish. drink it.

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