Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Top Ten Favorite Movie Scenes

Join us as we countdown our top ten favorite movie scenes of all time

top ten favorite movie scenes

Joe's Top Ten
1. The Matrix- He is the one
2. Return of the King- Entire ending
3. Avengers- Hulk Smash
4. Inglorious Basterds- Intro Farm
5. Big- Keyboard Dance Chopsticks
6. 8 Mile- Final Rap Battles
7. Raiders of the Lost Ark- Well of Souls
8. Alien- Chest Burster
9. Sicario- Caravan Raid Into Juarez
10. Wrath Of Khan- "He was the most, human." Amazing Grace

Mike's Top Ten
10 - Poltergeist - The thing in the closet
9 - Wrath of Khan - ships floating in the nebula
8 - Jaws - attacking the orca
7 - Jedi - fighters attack - MF view
6 - Batman 89 - crashing through the stained glass window
5 - Jurassic Park - first time we see a dinosaur
4 - The Terminator - surgery scene
3 - Empire - falcon flight from hoth - asteroid field
2 - Empire saber fight before revelation after getting sucked out window
1 - Raiders of the Lost Ark - indy scene - horse chasing the ark -

honorable indy fight scene - plane after well of souls battle of hoth x-wing attack on death star the first time we see superman fly Godzilla amping up to shoot is nuke ray the opening to star wars (a new hope)

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