Top Ten Favorite Movie Scenes

Join us as we countdown our top ten favorite movie scenes of all time

top ten favorite movie scenes

Joe's Top Ten
1. The Matrix- He is the one
2. Return of the King- Entire ending
3. Avengers- Hulk Smash
4. Inglorious Basterds- Intro Farm
5. Big- Keyboard Dance Chopsticks
6. 8 Mile- Final Rap Battles
7. Raiders of the Lost Ark- Well of Souls
8. Alien- Chest Burster
9. Sicario- Caravan Raid Into Juarez
10. Wrath Of Khan- "He was the most, human." Amazing Grace

Mike's Top Ten
10 - Poltergeist - The thing in the closet
9 - Wrath of Khan - ships floating in the nebula
8 - Jaws - attacking the orca
7 - Jedi - fighters attack - MF view
6 - Batman 89 - crashing through the stained glass window
5 - Jurassic Park - first time we see a dinosaur
4 - The Terminator - surgery scene
3 - Empire - falcon flight from hoth - asteroid field
2 - Empire saber fight before revelation after getting sucked out window
1 - Raiders of the Lost Ark - indy scene - horse chasing the ark -

honorable indy fight scene - plane after well of souls battle of hoth x-wing attack on death star the first time we see superman fly Godzilla amping up to shoot is nuke ray the opening to star wars (a new hope)

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