Monday, March 30, 2020

Cocktails with Heather We Assure You We Are Still Open kinda


cocktails with heather

A dating and relationship show

We review wine, talk about this whole pandemic thing that's going on

and play a shortened version of no budget Jeopardy

Welcome to No Budget Jeopardy

I am Michael Richard Dawson

i wear a fabulous tie,

my suit is by mr guy

and i live in the basement of my mom's house

Here are the rules of the game-

5 Categories - 3 questions per category -

Once you select a category you must finish all the questions in that category before moving on to the next

and always answer in the form of a question

1. Dallas

2. Pac-Man Fever

3. Futurama

4. Dukes of Hazzard

5. Arrested Development


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