Hi there and welcome to the page that let's you know all about US! So, who are we? Well, it's there is no simple answer, we're a podcast, a movie review site, a movie trivia site, a dating advice site, and a video gaming site.

Why are there so many things? Why don't you just focus on one type of content?
Answer: Because we like all sorts of different subjects. So, we try to categorize it into something that's a bit easier for you guys to find, which will be explained further, below.

What is A Couple Of Average Joe's? In a nutshell, it's really the name of the entire network. But, it's also the name of one of our shows, where we talk about things that are completely unrelated to movies, music, dating advice or video games. It's all about our other interests which range from conspiracy theories to how weird the English language is. It's mostly one off shows that don't fit in anywhere. I mean, who the hell is going to listen to a show about the origins of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or macaroni and cheese or even something like Jonestown, thrown in with movies, music and dating? A Couple Of Average Joe's is our "solo" project area, so if you're looking for something different, check it out.

Cocktails With Heather is just that, a drinking and dating advice show where we talk about fetishes from around the world, answer questions from the audience, discuss dating and how we, as 40 somethings have had to adjust to the way the entire dating scene has changed. Plus, we read from a porno book at the end of each episode. Well, Miss Heather reads (in her sexiest voice) from the book, to which is now called "The Book of the Lubricated Aunt", the bible of porn books from back then.

Cinescape Magazine... hrmm, how to start this one. Well, Cinescape Magazine existed in the late 90's and early 2000's and focused, mostly, on Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, and Fantasy movies, but it ran it's course as the internet came about and it was basically just left to die. So we're trying to bring it back. Cinescape is the entire landscape of movies, from Script to Screen. While we do focus on the big budget Hollywood movies, we have shifted focus to Amateur and YouTube fan films, because we feel that focusing on these up and coming filmmakers is better than most of the stuff Hollywood is churning out these days. Plus we do a top 13 movie trivia countdown that's just awesome. You should really listen sometime

Joe's VS is all about video games. Yup. That's it. We play games from the olden days and comment on how bad we are at playing games from our youth. Mainly focusing on Atari, Nintendo (64 and NES), Sony's Playstation, early Apple and PC games (Doom, Wolfenstein, Blake Stone, Bard's Tale etc) and, of course, our favorites, the Stand-Up arcade games that we poured tons and tons of quarters into, like 1941, Tekken, Soul Caliber, Dragon's Lair, Tempest, Punch-Out and more.

So who are we really? Mike and Joe are just average joe's that love movies. Mike is more 80's action and adventure and fantasy movies, as well as animated films, while Joe is all about every movie ever made from the 70's to the present. Like an encyclopedia of movie knowledge.

Miss Heather has lived a thousand lives and drinks to celebrate every one of those lives. No, I'm serious.

Why should you care? Because, dammit, these are great shows and you should be listening as soon as we post. You should also share and yell at Mike for being a douche.  In all seriousness, we do this because we love to do it. We could niche down into something basic like "fantasy animated films" or "documentaries on little people" but when we have all sorts of interests and likes, it really is difficult not to want to talk about everything that we're into.

Are you an amateur filmmaker or a YouTube filmmaker and would like for us to "review" and talk about your film?
Contact us -
Mike - MPS5150@gmail.com
Joe - JoeSpeigle@gmail.com

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